American Civil War

Two Flags - One Nation are my home brew set of ACW wars for hex based games. They are over ten years old and originally designed with 5" hexes in mind for gaming with 1/72nd plastics. Over the years they have morphed into different formats. However, this year (2017) I have decided to take them back to their hex based roots and have put together a new edition. It is available as a free download (available for personal use only and all copyright reserved) and includes two scenarios. 

The rules are intended to give a fast play game on a typical space provided by a kitchen table (I use Kallistra 4" hexes with their 12mm figures) and to be solitaire friendly.

The design notes have been lifted from the rules and published on my blog (see link below) together with the link to downloadable DropBox file (thank you DropBox).

The picture below is the battlefield from the McPherson Ridge scenario that was designed for the original rules and which has been kept as not only does it give a well balanced game, but it was useful to benchmark rule changes against.


the rules have now been amended so that in General Fire and Charging, units that can claim cover and thereby only suffer 1 Heavy Casulaty per two hits, WILL NOW KEEP REMAINDER HITS, which will contribute to another Heavy casualty the next time the unit receives a single HIT.

LINK to Blog article and download file -

I have taken one of the scenarios from the book One Hour wargames by Neil Thomas and then played the scenario twice, once with the One Hour Wargames 2 page rule set and again with Black Powder rules (from Warlord).

The exercise was to look at two low complexity systems and look at whether additional rules with their potential associated added complexity can change game play in a way that the player feels is worth the extra rules.  

I have covered the matter in a Christmas Special blog post.



Getting Black Powder onto a (very) small gaming space. The following links follow an AAR for an ACW game in 12mm with examples of game mechanics demonstrated. The videos were removed, but the post remains as it may be interesting and people took the time to comments.

BLOG ARTICLE - Link to the blog article that covers the whole thing, including scenario details etc - LINK


This is a generic scenario that I have put together to test various rules in a hex based format. 

Yesterday myself and Mike had a go at playing the scenario with Kallistra 12mm figures and the board game quick play rules Musket & Saber, from Decision Games. I have recently blogged on two of the DG folio games (Saratoga and Germantown) and I thought while the rules were still fresh in my mind, I would apply them here.

I have used their Salem Church folio for unit strengths and used their counters as markers with the figures. At this point, all I will say is that we had a good game, but that the scenario needs a few minor changes to give more interest. 

EDIT - Comprehensive blog entry including scenario replay -


 I am just starting a project via the Perry 28mm ACW Battle in a Box set.

there is a blog posting (link below) that introduces the project and monthly updates will follow, with the idea being to show what it takes in time and resources to get some 28mm gaming onto a small table.

I expect the initial project to take around 3 - 4 months to complete.




These are the fast play rules that are bundled with the Perry ACW 'Battle in a box' set.

The 28mm box set gives each player 4 infantry regiments, 1 cavalry regiment, 2 artillery pieces and a general. The rules give a reasonable and fun game and will easily be able to accomodate more units as players increase their base set with new purchases.

Wanting to take the rules for a spin but not having yet painted any of the 28mm figures, I used my 12mm Kallistra figures instead to get a feel of the rules.

I have just put up a blog post covering my initial observations. LINK - Firepower Post.


The Perry 28mm (plastics) project continues and I am really liking these figures.

Here is the first regiment. The box has the regiment on three bases, with six figures per base in two ranks.

The boxed set has each base with a 45mm frontage, but I have gone to laser cut MDF wth 50mm frontages, as it just gives the figures a little more room to breathe.

Each side gets 4 infantry regiments, 1 cavalry regiment and 2 guns plus a general.