Ancillary pieces

Cows - Highland cattle to be precise, I got this group of three from Warbases at the Phalanx show at £4. I already had some N gauge cattle for my 10mm stuff and to my eyes, there seemed little point in having them on the table as I had to look hard at them, where-as these 28mm beasts have a lot of presence and really help in dressing the battlefield.

I think these just need a contrasting highlighting drybrush over them to bring out the texture. I'm rather pleased with them and can see them turning up on all sorts of battlefields regardless of context!

The grass tufts are from Great Escape Games, who make some of the nicest large tufts that I have seen. Warbases do a whole range of 28mm animals.


This is a casualty marker for my 28mm Confederates that are currently on the painting table. The figure is from a pack of 8 metals (¬£8) from 1st Corps, with each of the figures having different poses, including one laying on the ground and another sitting. 

I bought 10mm laser cut MDF dice holders from Warbases, but when I got home, all my dice are in fact 12mm. I just happened to have these 7mm dice and holders from an old order from Mini-Bits (Pendraken). The base is a 30mm MDF laser cut circle.

I still haven't decided whether to go with 2 dice on a bigger base. If staying with 1 holder, I will use white dice to represent 1-6 and yellow 7-12 casualties. For Neil Thomas games, who has units removed after gaining 15 casualty points, I guess a red die might be needed.