American War of Independence

First Saratoga 1777

Boardgame - Part of the Musket and Saber series by Decision games. This was their first AWI title in their mini folio series, with a sister game Germantown now also available.

It is a small footprint game with a 17" x 11" map and just 40 counters. Other games in the series cover napoleonic and American Civil War battles.

There is a full AAR plus observational notes over on the blog LINK HERE

Germantown 1777

This is the sister game to Saratoga (by Decision Games), they share the same system, with just a few extra scenario rules that apply to this battle (low ammunition for Colonials and turning Chew House into a bastion).

The situation is very interesting. The British start on high ground with their encampments. These are victory objectives, but so is Market Square in the middle of Germantown, which is located a few hexes away from the high ground. This stretches the British defence, which comes under attack from multiple directions as the Colonials enter from off map positions.

The game is tense throughout with much attacking and counter-attacking. It is surprising just how much game value can be had from a mini game with just 34 units and leaders in play.

Full AAR and observational notes over on the blog LINK HERE.