This Week


Waterloo 1815 - Fallen Eagles.

Published by Hexasim, I have wanted this title for some time. I saw it go out of stock at my LHS and then take some time to return, so I decided to treat myself today and get it before it goes out of print. 

This as a two mapper and 400 counters (large hexes and large counters) is a big game for my set-up, but I can put up a temporary surface that can take it and I just fancy doing something a bit grander for a change.

Many years ago, I got an opportunity to seize the family table for the whole weekend, without interruption.  I put up the two mapper Barbarossa game from the Command magazine with just under 1000 counters and played for 8 hours one day and 8 hours the next. It was a greater wargame fest, something I remember with fondness, but also a reminder of regrets of not doing something like that since - so this is what Fallen Eagles is meant to rectify ...... another self indulging wargame fest is surely due.

I will play a couple of the smaller scenarios first to get the nuances of the rules under my belt and then go for the big one. i am thinking of getting the Waterloo book by Timothy Clayton, which looks to give a good all-round perspective of both the battle and the events surrounding it.

Mike has got the Austerlitz 1805 (follow on module to Fallen Eagles), so there is a chance that in the near future we will do one of the smaller scenarios in that, giving a further opportunity to entrench the rules in my mind. The Austerlitz module has the latest rules, which give the cavalry a bit more coverage. 


Another playing of Waterloo - Quelle Affaire!

I have put an article together over on the blog that looks at the game mechanics and flow of play and which also describes some of the moments in our recent game.



1/72 StuG IIIg from the Plastic Soldier Company

A rediscovery of the charms of the 1/72 scale and the plastic sprue.

It is discussed a little further at the below link, which also includes a link with some observations about the mechanics in the Iron Cross rules.



This new game from Revolution Games arrived yesterday. 

Patton's Vanguard offers two 4 turn scenarios covering the fighting at Arracourt 1944.

It is an attractive package with an area movement style map and counters that have icons and all the combat / movement factors are in a large font - a treat for older eyes.

It all looks very playable and I hope to get this onto the table shortly.