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Commanders yearly renewal

I really have no idea to what degree this website is visited or useful, so perhaps somewhat against my better judgement, I have renewed the contract for another 12 months.

It at least gives me some breathing space to decide how best to use this site for it to better compliment the Warriors & Battlefields blog


Perry ACW terrain items.

With the Perry 28mm ACW Battle in a Box project being jacked up again, I decided to do the terrain bits from the set. The photo shows the snake fencing. To give a smaller footprint, the concertina effect has been reduced, which still looks OK while elongating the fencing. This in turn extends the fence to give six foot in total (ratherthan the ‘just over 4’ that the box blurb states).

The farmhouse has likewise been done and while the paints were out, four cross rail pieces that I have had for ages from Renedra also got a dressing up.

There is a blog article that gives some detail on all the pieces at the below link.


First face-to-face game with Panzer from GMT

Mike and myself had our first ftf session with Panzer using the basic rules. Within a couple of turns, we decided to bring in the advanced rules for firing (AP penetration), which are obviously more satisfying, but for this particular line-up, also allows a better representation of the gun capability of the Pz IVg’s 75/43.

There were a goodly number of KO, BU and track results, plus two Bail Outs, so by the end of it there was a good handle on the basic game engine. I think this will come out again. I was looking at the bogging rules from the optional ruebook and they look to be a good early addition, as it brings extra nuance to that initial map. 


Getting the Perry 28mm ACW Battle in a Box onto the table.

Well sort of anyway - After a couple of false starts with getting this box set completed, I am now on a new attempt, but with a change of approached. A bit of gaming is going to happen while the set is being painted, just to keep enthusiasm going. 

The first action has been fought and there is an article on the blog that covers getting back into this set and the AAR covering the first action.

Despite some units not be ‘dressed for `battle’, visiually the game was enjoyable and a ton of fun to play. Some items should start to appear over on the painting table page in the not too distant future.

Blog LINK -


Panzer by GMT (scenario 1)

Another go at Panzer, bringing more of the advanced rules into play. The Germans have edged forward cautiously, using the terrain as cover. 1st Platoon is climbing the reserve slope of Hill A.14 that will overlook the woodland that the Soviets have occupied.

2nd Platoon have nestled amongst the Alleyways of the town, while the Company commander, rather carelessly has skirted the town into an exposed position.

The Soviets are still getting into position and at as the next turn opens up, it becomes clear that the Germans have outmanoeuvered their enemy and managed to bring all of their vehicle guns into firing positions. The first round of fire cuts into the Soviet positions. 

In the next turn, the Soviets get the initiative, getting the chance to fire first, but their dice rolling is appauling and in the German part of the turn, once again, accurate fire knocks out two vehicles, while two of their number are lost to having crew bailing, another takes a track hit.

In short order, there are suddenly five other burning Soviet tank hulls, and the Soviets are left totally out-numbered and start to pull back to disengage. With the Soviets in retreat, the German tankers move out to occupy the two bridges and the ford.


Wargames Soldiers & Strategy No 98

is out on the shelves at WH Smith UK and is simply a lovely issue. It is themed around the Wars of the Roses and has a feature on the Battle of Stoke Field using Lion Rampant rules, that will no doubt appeal to fans of the system.

There is a nice article on creating a WoR campaign that includes things such as recruitment and I have bought another box of the Perry Wars of Roses infantry box (to add to the plastic mountain) on the strength of it - more to come on that one.

By chance, there is a nice two page tutiorial on painting a Panzer IV by hand (specifically not by air-brush), which is a handy article since I got the Plastic Soldier Company Pz IV set a couple of days ago - one more for the queue!


The 28mm ACW Battle in a Box by Perry

is getting some new attention (for the third time!). This starter set is ideal in getting some larger scale figures into a relatively small gaming area. In an effort for this project to stay on the rails this time, I have glued up the entire contents of the box, so that it is more likely to get painted without those interuptions for prep work, that usually see things stall.

I am also going to put everything to temporary bases to get some gaming done, regardless of where a unit is painted or not. Hopefully this will be a more sure way of keeping enthusiasm going to get the painting done and will allow rules, basing systems  and scenarios to be explored along the way.

Anyway, I have been here before, I we shall see!


Panzer by GMT

Getting this back up on the table after spending a year with two other tactical systems, so I am going through a reboot of the rules to get the game back under my belt. I am enjoying the 100 metres to the hex scale of the game, which is conveying a sense of seeing the battlefield from the perspective of a company / battalion commander, despite handling individual vehicles.

It has a reputation of being a complicated game, sort of being to tanks what ASL is to infantry, but I think that is over-emphasising the level of complexity here.

I have put up a blog post that may interest anyone sitting on the fence and thinking of having a dabble with this system

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