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Two Flags - One Nation

ACW rules for figures on hexed terrain.

In conjunction with doing a tidy up of these rules, our face-to-face game this week took a scenario from the rule book.

Action at Mill Creek - The Union are holding the high ground and a bridge over the crossable creek with two weak brigades. A third brigade is en-route to strengthen the position. A Confederate division of three brigades is attacking with the objectives of capturing both the bridge crossing and some of the high ground. Can they achieve this before that enemy reinforcing brigade arrives to spoil their day!

There is an account of the battle and a discussion of some new rule tweaks over on the blog. LINK


Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

The latest issue (100th) hit the high street today (WH Smiths in the UK). It is an 88 page special issue to celebrate the 100th issue and whether this is just for this issue, or whether it is for all issues going forwards, but it is Perfect Bound rather than stapled. I think I prefer the staples as the mag lays open flatter at each page.

The theme this time is on the German Paratroopers from WWII.  There is a replay of Cruel Seas and Henry Hyde is looking at Artillery. A while ago there was a challenge to get a complete wargame in a box and the winner has put together an ACW game using 2mm armies.

Anyway, there is a nice mix and a goodly number of articles, some of them quite short, which I think can help concentrate the mind of an author. As ever, a ‘wargamers’ magazine and  I shall enjoy what looks like a good cover-to-cover read.


Miniature Wargames Issue 430 

hits the high street in the UK. A change of cover style might grab a few new readers as they browse the newsagents shelf.

I picked it up because it had a well illustrated article using Kallistra hexes for Cold War gone Hot! Essentially the game club has been using the Elsenbach Gap boardgame from Lock ‘n Load tio drive the game. They are replicating one of the scenarios and this leads to a very big table - greatly beyond what I could even dream of, but the game has been doing the show circuit and I thought supporting the magazine for ublishing something on hexes AND small scales, was worth doing.

There is a Poltava article, a crusader article and scenario and Conrad Kinch is doing the Alma (Part 1 - about game design considerations) from a Commands and Colors perspective with hexes. WH Smith now don’t stock many copies .... so hopefully those they do will all sell.



Designed by Steve Pole and Published by Legion Games.

A face-to-face game tonight of this new system, referred to as the 7 Hex System, that covers the battle of Benheim and which promises to be the first of a new series that will cover multiple periods.

There are some clever ideas in the game, but I was left feeling that the processes were too convoluted (maths heavy) and that the game did not particularly convey a sense of Eighteenth Century linear warfare. A real shame, as I really wanted this game to work. 

In combat, there are a goodly number of calculations for both sides to make, the total combat value that each player arrives at is halved and then finally modified by a D6. It was not unusual for the the halved results to be so close that the winner of the combat was pretty much being determined by the die roll itself. It made me wonder whether all those calculations could be lashed and the matter of each combat simply resolved by an opposed die roll, with each player modifying their roll by the unit quality of those involved.

The map artwork is lovely and rulebook is set out on very thick, coated paper. It all looks like a labour of love, but unfortunately felt like one too, at least to this gamer. On the other hand, Mike quite liked it, so who knows!



I have been going through the Old School Tactical system from Flying Pig, which is a WWII tactical system with individual squads and vehicles and the ground scale at 50 metres to the hex.

Over the years, on the blog, I have looked at several tactical systems, specifically highlighting the way they handle gun / armour relationships and so have started to write up notes for more of the same for OST.

It is already getting very interesting .... to me at least :-)


ASLSK a home brew scenario

A few weeks ago, I put together a mash-up ASLSK scenario that use SK1 pieces with the Deluxe ASL city boards that come with the Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 9 for 2018. After two playings it got a few tweaks and tonight we played it as a face-to-face game. Play went right down to the last dice roll.

There are 9 building Victory Point hexes and the player that gets 6 or more of them is the winner, anything else is a draw. The game starts with the Soviet force defending all 9 of them. 

In our game, in the final turn, the Germans had captured enough buildings to prevent a Soviet win. The Soviet player, holding 5 building hexes and moving second (and therefore last) in the game, counter-attacked a building hex in force, in the hope that they would secure 6 of the buildings to win. A German Squad and a 9-2 leader defiantly used Final Protective Fire to repeatedly repel the Soviet forces as they moved adjacent. 

As the game entered the Close Combat phase, and the final dice were rolled, just 1 Soviet squad and leader had made it into the enemy hex. The Close Combat was fairly closley matched. The dice rolls went in favour of the Germans, so a draw was the final result and we both felt that it was a good outcome that reflected play.

Link to the original blog post about the creation of the scenario.


2018 into 2019

I have just posted the end of years bloggers ritual, that reviews the year and sets some plans.

It has certainly been a good year in terms of enjoying the hobby and my dabble in both boardgaming and figure gaming gives a fairly broad range of subjects and systems to cover.

The boardgaming side of things has gone particularly well, as my re-organsiation of the collection to cover particular interests with a favour towards series games working out well.

The figure side of things is still something in transition, as for the sake of streamlining, storage and focus, I need to settle on either supporting the bigger scales on an open table (still dining table restrictions) or whether to support the smaller scale with hex based rules.

A fuller exploration of 2018 / 2019 has been posted to the blog.



 Wargames Illustrated, January 2019

The new issue has just hit the high street (WH Smiths in the UK) and like last month, it carries a freebiw Warlord plastic sprue for their Cruel Seas game.

Like last time, there are two sprues to choose from. One is a U.S. motor torpedo boat and the other is a set of torpedo markers, showing them travelling through the water, which is the one I picked up (see photo). These look handy for whatever naval system / game you own. 

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