This Week

I have just posted an overview of Germantown, volume VII in GMT's Battles of the American Revolution, over at the blog. It looks at the game and system and then uses an AAR to specifically highlight some of the mechanics and flow of play.

Bought this week (see box art to the right), Warlord Games 28mm plastic (with metal commander) French Napoleonic Lancers. It goes without saying that they are nice looking figures and looking at that artwork, they will be a colourful unit on any table.


I have paid up the hosting fees for COMMANDERS for another 12 months, keeping my 30 page allowance and having everything as an advert free space.

I don't check Google Analytics (in truth, I don't fully understand how to interpret them), so I am unclear as to how much traffic this site generates, as feedback frankly is zilch.

I will give it another year and perhaps give some thought to the format before deciding whether to continue or drop it.


 Mr. ER Bickford has kindly put together a 5 minute video of a replay of my Stamford Bridge game.

It is non-verbal (has nice music) and is a rather clever example of how to do a concise and informative video without the distractions or hesitations that are common (at least to me!).



Fake News!

What has Monty been up to now?

Monty Bartholomew Slackjaw Smyth becomes the subject of press speculation as rumours of a 28mm flirtation  abound.