Commanders, a wargame digest

Commanders, a wargame digest


Boardgame Collection

Going for playability

I have spent the past couple of years selling and buying, trying to shape this collection to meet specific playing demands and as 2022 starts that has mostly been accomplished.

Firstly, there is now a solid core of games or scenarios that can be played face to face to completion in around 2 to 2½ hours, which is a typical gaming session for us. This prevents getting involved in those half played games, where at the end of the session, there is a discussion of what would likely have happened if we had more time. 

Secondly are the games that may be a bit bigger, longer or deeper that just take my fancy due to subject matter alone.

The point is that both these parts of the collection rely on two things. Either being part of a series game, where one set of rules work across several games / expansions or clever, short rule sets, that provide no obstacle in getting the game to the table. The more these are played, the more familiar they become.

Gone are the games that fit neither description and which in truth would just sit on the shelves, not getting played. The result is a more concise but more functional collection. There will need to be a discipline to ensure it stays so! Getting to know fewer games well, will no doubt make for better gaming.


Antietam by White Dog Games. An introductory game with just 4 pages of rules.

This is the opening set up for the Confederate and Union armies.


A mini folio game from Decision Games’ Musket & Saber series. Turn 3 (1245 hours) has just concluded and the French left flank have suffered a bloody repulse, falling back with two units flipped and disrupted and another removed from play.

To the left, the Anglo-Allies have just been ejected from the woods and also forced to retreat back from the gardens. The French need more support if they are to press this position and have started to bring up their artillery to bombard the Chateau.

The game was a close win for the French, as after capturing the Chateau, they just reached two of the VP hexes, behind Hougoumont, in time.