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Commanders, a wargame digest


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21 Jun 2022

A bit of posh!

This lovely base is winging its way to me. It represents a crusades scene, with a mounted soldier and foot soldier, plus 3 monks.

I am advised that they are all Perry sculpts and painted to a high standard.

Now here’s the thing, although slightly out of period, it will be my intent to use this as a command base for the 1066 project.

19 Jun 2022

Phalanx 2022 (UK) wargame show

Nice to see this show opening its doors again. I had a great time there and came away with a few things that I hadn’t even thought about getting, so that added something to the day.

Bigger buys were the new Epic Prussians from Warlord Games in their ‘hot off the press’ starter set and a new boardgame from Canons en Carton, which contains two battles, one covering the whole of the Waterloo battle and the other giving a detailed look at Quatre Bras, so I shall look forward to delving into that package.

I have put a full show report over on the blog. LINK

13 Jun 2022

Painting base by base!

I have always batch painted typically around 16 figures at a time or more if the ‘unit’ needed it, such as 18 figures for my ACW and 20 for my napoleonic.

However with much of May being very unproductive on the painting side of things, I decided to get the brushes going again by just painting on a base by base method. Obviously with less figures per session, a final result is quickly obtained, which hopefully will get the painting mood back again. 

Here, a WWII Soviet Maxim machine gun team (AB. 20mm figures) was started today, with a block paint. Later I will do the quick tidy up, wash and then highlight, with a view to varnishing tomorrow. They are metal, so they get two coats, a gloss followed my a mat. They can be based the following day.

Yesterday a base of 5 painted riflemen were varnished in the morning and then put onto their 60mm base in the evening.

So it may be small bits each day, but it is regular and progress is progress.

12 Jun 2022

Latest Miniature Wargames

Issue 471 has hit UK shop shelves.

A new series by Konrad Kinch has started for a Cold war Black Ops scenario and the Live Free or Die (from Little wars TV) rules have a part 3 to cover the War of 1812 and this time, the battles of Thames Rover and Chippawa.

Jon Sutherland’s Command Decision series is in Rajasthan, India, 1804 and there is an article called Lion Rampart, a siege campaign for Lion Rampant. They are using a 6’ x 4’ table and there are rules for ladders, siege towers and rams in addition to the more general aspects of siege warfare.

Finally, the front cover feature is ‘Lost UFO’, which is based around the TV show in the 70’s called UFO and uses SHADO vehicles etc with hex based terrain tiles inspired by the GW game, Lost patrol.

I think it will be the Live Free or Die article that will get my prime attention, but as always, an overall good read.

11 Jun 2022

Splitting EPIC bases

The standard Epic infantry strip fits onto a 60mm provided base, but there is a gap between the soldiers and this is disruptive to my eye, so I have moved to 55mm MDF bases (from Warbases).

I mentioned two posts below (and gave a link) of a YouTuber who was splitting his stands into 2 x 30mm. I quite like that functionality for making squares, road (march) column and movement over bridges look right, so I made up a test stand.

In the photo, front left is a 30mm Prussian line infantry stand on a 30mm MDF base and next to it, the raw raw plastic version. Behind is a 55mm MDF base of French infantry in long coats.

Individually the 30mm blocks look quite good, but you get a gap between them that catches my eye, which I had eradicated on the 55mm base and which I know will annoy to me. The solution would be to base to something like 27.5mm wide instead of 30mm in the same way that I have based the full strip on a 55mm base instead.

I’m not convinced that the extra work is worth the result.

9 Jun 2022

Prussian Tactics - Osprey

Looking at the free sprue that came with the recent Wargames Illustrated magazine, I noticed two blocks of figures that were different from the line infantry and it turns out that these are formed Jagers.

wondering how jagers were used in the Prussian army, I recalled having a book in my Kindle library called Prussian Napoleonic Tactics 1792 - 1815 from Osprey’s Elite series, by Peter Hofschroer.

what a fantastic title, crammed with the sort of detail that the wargamers yearn for. Battles and small actions are used to very good effect to explain the practical application of military training, while there are ample illustrations showing the organisation and intent of the evolving regulations. recommended!

9 Jun 2022

Something new with Epic 13.5mm

I was recently watching a YouTube video by Leon66 (link below), who is doing the Warlord Games waterloo Epic armies and he is cutting his infantry sprues down from 60mm frontages to 30mm frontages.

I thought it would be harder than he shows it to be, so I am presently using the free Prussian sprue that came with the latest Wargames Illustrated to have a little practice.

With the line infantry sprue (not the Landwehr one), it seems pretty straight forward and I will be able to show a completed single in a couple of days once the wash and varnish are dry.

I would normally be thinking of just using 2 x 60mm bases for a regiment for my smaller table, so four of these 30mm bases would be used instead and the only real benefit that I can see from doing this is that squares are easier on the eye than two back to back 60’s and the formation will be able to be shown in march column and move over 10mm scale bridges.

Anyway, we shall see. If it is not too much work, it may be worth it.

LINK - fast forward to just after the 8 minute mark to see the separation process.

6 Jun 2022

The Battle of Barnet 1471

The Piggy Longton narrative has a couple of threads running from it, one being the journey that King Henry is making back to London.

Now that Henry has left Piggy Longton, his story would no longer be of interest to the Dungborough Chronicles that record the ongoing machinations of my ‘Imaginations 1471’ campaign.

However, the issue of kingship is important and whether Henry survives the threat of Edward’s advances for the throne.

So we can turn to a boardgame to play out the historical battle of Barnet and feed those results back into our figures campaign.

There is an account of the battle on the blog. LINK

5 Jun 2022


The good weather allows for a couple of jobs. Firstly, some grey rattle can primer on the metal 1066 figures shown below (William, Harold and his two sons) and another batch of eight metal AB WWII Soviets.

Secondly, regarding the hills that I picked up at Partizan from The Tree Fellas, these are constructed from polystyrene (the ball type) and have cliff type edge to each of the four corner, which I have decided to remove and smooth down.

It is a messy job, so doing it in the doorway of the open garage just makes life easier and for all of the waste to still be collected. A saw knife re-sculpted the corners (and one of my knuckles!) and then ready mixed filler with green emulsion paint was added to give a new surface.

The filler took two days to dry properly before it could be sanded (again in the open air) and painted brown. Once dry it was flocked using thinned PVA to bond.

Over the next day or so I will be getting the boardgame ‘Men of Iron’ to the table, to play the Barnet scenario. I am using this to establish the kingship part of the ongoing Piggy Longton imaginations narrative, as King Henry makes his way back to London, amidst gathering rebel forces.

2 Jun 2022

Introducing Sword & Spear

For our face-to-face session this week, we just had a simple small game of Sword & Spear to introduce Mike to the rules.

Both sides had a similar number of units / army points and break points, but with a couple of different unit types on each side to help a wider application of the rules.

The rules are relatively short compared to how such things can be, but they are crammed with nuance, so moving a few units against each other is a good way for the rules to slowly reveal their nature and subtly. 

The game went well and was enjoyed by both of us. The Yorkist centre didn’t seem to wake-up at all! But their flanks (levy!) did put on an energetic display, with the right pushing aside enemy bill and then under the pursuit rules crashed forwards into Lancastrian archers.

As the mounting losses amongst the Lancastrian ranks worsened, not helped by the discipline test caused by routing units, their army broke, just as their Men-at-Arms were getting into decent attack positions. All told …. a successful session with a nice bit of eye candy.

1 Jun 2022

1066 Commanders

I have a stash of 1066 armies just awaiting their turn to enter the production queue, but I noticed that I hadn’t got anything to represent the army commanders.

Anyway, one of the kids kindly gifted me a pair of command packs from Gripping Beast (the bases shown come with the packs).

The first is William, a mounted figure that has him leaning down to one side, with his command baton outstretched, about to strike a poor unfortunate. It is not obvious in this photograph, but the rearing pose of the horse means that for casting purposes, both front legs have metal connectors between the hoof and the base.

These are obviously meant to be detached, but for a weighty figure like this, I prefer the security of one of the connectors being left in place for stability and preventing any future snapping of the rear legs. I will simply get some tall grasses to cover most of it.

The second pack contains three foot figures, King Harold and his two sons (present at Hastings). Each figure is wielding the double handed long axe.

The three axes come as separate items (as do two sheathed swords), with hands attached. The rider and horse are also separate. In each case, the parts were fitted together using super glued with a very small bead of Green Stuff sandwiched between the joints to bed them in.

These just now await the next session of spray priming. Being a gift, they will have to move up the painting queue, just to mark my appreciation. All-in-all, a very nice addition to the 1066 line-up.

30 May 2022

Attacking Coron Torr

Another slice of action from the continuation of my Piggy Longton Imaginations series.

The Lancastrians have tricked the Yorkists into dividing their army, in their search for King Henry to capture him. With the enemy divided, the Lancastrians assault Piggy Longton …… but, they are not aware that other enemy reinforcements are on the way.


29 May 2022

The next Piggy Longton battle goes to the table.

Setting up today to probably game tomorrow, the scenario that falls out of the most recent tale, as told in the Dungborough Chronicle.

This is part of Somerset’s battle, which forms the right wing of the Lancastrian assault. You can see lord Darcy to the left and at the top of the picture is Crown Hill, which is occupied by Yorkist forces under Sir. John Lisle, who aim to hold out until their reinforcements arrive.

Rules use will be Sword & Spear and there will be write-up once all is done and dusted.

27 May 2022

The tales from Piggy Longton continue

The Chronicles return to the intrigue at Piggy Longton in the Dungborough imaginations setting.

It is 1471 and our last visit saw Lord Darcy defeated by Lord Salisbury’s forces, who was looking to kidnap King Henry. The King had recently been staying at the hamlet.

As we know, the King had been moved to a safe place and an intelligence gathering operation was put into motion to find out WHERE!

The latest ramblings of the chronicles has been posted to the blog.


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