Commanders, a wargame digest

Commanders, a wargame digest


Dear Diary - a rolling 6 months of comment

18 Mar 2022

St. Amand 1815

A return to Hexasim’s Ligny intro scenario, where Vandamme attacks towards St. Amand with the task of drawing ever increasing numbers of Prussian units towards him. This is handled by awarding the French Victory Points for each batch of reinforcements that the Prussians call upon.

Played as a face-to-face game, in the last moments, the French lost 3 cavalry units that cost them enough victory points to push the game from a draw to a Prussian win, but we were happy to consider the game a draw.

18 Mar 2022

1/144 Panther

This is a Victrix 1/144 Panther, which I bought for my Pinboard Wars battles. You get 6 to a pack and though I have primed all 6, I thought I would just explore 1 to work out the best look for camo.

The transfer decals come with the kit and I am happy with the overall effect. This was just painted with brushes, ink washed and then knocked back a bit with some weathering powders. Everything was sealed with a spraying of mat varnish.

I think it looks okay, though the camera flash has not been particularly helpful here. I will do a few knock about ambush type actions with the Victrix Shermans that I have already painted up (shown next to the Panther).

17 Mar 2022

ACW action at Antietam

The ACW Pocket Armies grow again slightly and are ready for the next action. A few weeks ago, I played the Antietam boardgame and a situation arose where Confederate Rodes had moved his Brigade forwards, out of the Sunken Lane, to defend the high ground beyond.

The Union under Brooke were about to attack and so I have translated this moment to the figures table, with the boardgames brigades being broken down into their constituent regiments.

Using my own Two Flags - One Nation rules, currently being converted from hex to the open table, the Union launched their attack.

There is a bit more info on the Two Flags - One Nation tab (in the left margin) or you can use this LINK

17 Mar 2022

New regiment and field

The latest 28mm (Perry plastic) ACW Union regiment rolls off the painting table, bringing the ACW Union Pocket Army to six infantry regiments - enough for my next planned game.

A Confederate regiment, flagged as the 40th Mississippi, is also painted up and just awaiting some basing paste and then they too will have six infantry regiments.

Here they are standing on a resin ploughed field from Coritani (Magnetic Displays), picked up as one of a pair from the Hammerhead show last week. It looks much more effective and 3D than the photo suggests. The stone walls are from The Tree Fellas.

16 Mar 2022

Discussion on a fellow blog

In response to my decision to step back on the blog front, fellow blogger Jonathan at the Palouse Wargaming Journal blog has put up a post to discuss the whole issue of blog viability / relevance.

It provides an interesting ‘one moment in time’ opportunity to discuss what bloggers and readers want or expect from their blogs in 2022, when other social media platforms grab at the same audience.

For your interest, here is the link and also an opportunity to browse through a very friendly and interesting blog site. LINK

14 Mar 2022

The Blog is being suspended

This may be a temporary thing, but I feel at the moment that it has become a time robber and that I will get more wargaming done and make better advances on projects if I left it alone for a while.

Accordingly, I am bowing out of involvement with wargaming social media, though this place, which has had fees paid for the next two and a half years, will stay up and running and so I will slowly re-organise it so that it makes a better job of ‘showcasing’ projects and hobby.

11 Mar 2022

Ligny 1815

Ligny by Hexasim, the historical scenario 3 PM to 9 PM has just concluded and it played differently than the last time I had it on the table.

There is a write-up over on the blog with a fairly detailed description and photos.


10 Mar 2022

Ligny 1815

The historical battle from Hexasim went onto the table yesterday and will take a couple of days to play out.

I have previously played the scenario with the same battle plan and already there is a quite different game going on - good!

The 4 PM turn has just played out, Gérard is on the ropes and The Guard have been deployed!

9 Mar 2022

Latest Slingshot

Issue 339 of Slingshot has just dropped through the door.

This years Society of Ancients Battleday (20th March) is focussed on Adrianople 378 AD.

There is an article on wargaming the battle by Simon MacDowall, with a very colourful centre spread of the battle layout.

My SPQR boardgame has an Adrianpole scenario, which I can see getting to the table in the near future, using the ‘Simple battles’ ruleset.

There is an interview with Dan Mersey and what looks to be a very interesting article on the Japanese Yumi (bow).

8 Mar 2022

Marsh tile

One of the terrain items bought at the Hammerhead wargames show last Saturday.

This is a resin piece sold by Magnetic Displays / Coritani, which is sold either painted or unpainted. From memory it is £4 unpainted and double that for painted. Even at £8 for painted it represents good value.

When bought, the water was very dark, a sort of black / brown colour. I lightened it with blue / brown acrylic paint (it looks a bit more brown than this photo suggests) and then put a satin varnish over the water, followed by an application of some bushy tufts - grey for in the water and ochre for dry land.

It looks a nice addition addition to the table and is easy to store.

5 Mar 2022

Hammerhead 2022

I visited Hammerhead 2022 (UK) today, a full return for me to the show / convention scene after pretty much a 2 year absence.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, there was a great buzz about the place and it looked well attended.

There is a bit of a write up over on the blog. LINK

2 Mar 2022

Into Battle - WWII Tactical

The Tigers at Minsk rules began life as a boardgame called Into Battle, which used a series of small scenario maps marked out with squares. 

In summer 2014, the design morphed into a hex and figure based game and as the final couple of scenarios were put into the rule set, the name changed to TaM, sharing the title of one of the newer scenarios.

The rules will remain in their hex format, plus I am working on a sister version for the open table, however the name is reverting back to its original title of Into Battle - WWII Tactical, better reflecting the general aim of the rules, which is to more widely cover the '39 to '45 land conflict.

Over the next few weeks, I will make efforts to change various documents and links to make it all a bit more cohesive. So in reality, nothing is changing, just the name and the August 2019 version remains current.

25 Feb 2022

Victrix 1/144 Sherman

The 6 Shermans from the Victrix package have been painted up and one (this one) has had the commander added.

This all goes together in just 7 parts. It is shown here with road and roadside boundaries that I have made for some ‘pinboard’ battles.

25 Feb 2022

Attack St. Amand 1815

This is the first of 2 introductory scenarios in Hexasim's Eagles of France system for Ligny 1815.

The villages of St. Amand and La Haye sit on the right wing of the Prussian defence. Vandamme’s III Corps was tasked with taking control of these villages and to compel the Prussians to engage as much of their force as possible’.

This is an engaging scenario that gives the French the tough task of capturing key locations in four hamlets in a fairly short game.

The Prussians can draw upon reinforcements, but must pay the enemy victory points for bringing them on.

There is a write up on the blog that covers an AAR and observational notes.


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