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28mm American Civil War

The Perry's have developed a good range of figures in their 28mm plastics, enough for them to put out the Perry ACW Battle in a Box starter set, which gives forces for both sides and a plastic building kit, plus a set of simple rules.

Each side gets enough figures to make up four infantry regiments, with 18 figures per unit on 3 bases, plus a couple of guns with crew and 6 cavalry, together with a mounted general.  

Although a small set, it can be used out of the box with the supplied Perry Firepower rules and is also a good fit for the Neil Thomas One Hour Wargames book.

I have also added some casualty bases from 1st Corps in metal and have three mounted Perry officers plus a further three unpainted infantry regiments waiting for each side in the painting queue.

WWII In /72

This project has been helped by the good range of fast build vehicle kits for wargamers that have the tracks and running gear all in one piece.

This is the ISU 152 from Pegasus. You get two models in a box and can have them as either the 152 or the long gunned 122. The scale offers the advantage that thanks to the HO/OO railway enthusiasts hobby, there are a lot of buildings and associated terrain features that perfectly fit this scale, which can also quite usefully serve as small footprint buildings for 28mm games in other periods.

A retail dealer once told me that he felt 1/72nd (20mm) for WWII was getting squeezed out by the popularity of 15mm and 28mm scales, but I am still seeing plenty of interest in the scale, especially at wargames shows. 

Below - A pre-painted Hetzer takes up an ambush position.

WWII 10mm

10mm figures from Pendraken. Each base represents an individual vehicle, gun or an infantry section. The infantry base has the section LMG as an inherent part of it's firepower and so the actual LMG team do not necessarily need to be shown on the base, but in some cases have been added for effect.

Infantry bases are 40mm x 20mm, with support weapons on 20mm x 20mm bases. Artillery observers are on a small triangular base, simply to keep them compact and distinctive (they are always classed as being in cover in my rules).

The vehicles are based on 25mm wide for larger vehicles and 20mm wide for anything that can get away with that, so that the vehicle foot print stays relatively small.

Below, 4 vehicles coming off the painting table, a Soviet rifle section amongst ruins and two M10 Achilles in a French town.

American Civil War in 12mm

These 12mm figures are from Kallistra, so a bit bigger than 10mm and don’t mix with them, but the range is complete so looking for compatibility with other ranges is not an issue. I like the size of the figures, they remind me of the charm of the compact style of the original 15mm scale of yester-year. 

The bases come with the blister packs and are 40mm x 20mm. This allows for 8 figures (2 ranks of 4). Mine are roughly placed, so that the lines have a slight non-uniformed look to them. Leaders are based as singles on 1 pence coins and the army commander is a 2 figure (mounted) group on a 2 pence coin. The army packs also give 4 cannon with crew and a choice of 3 gun barrels.  I am basing the army organisation around two bases equal 1 regiment, with 1 regiment or artillery battery being allowed to occupy a hex.

I bought a pre-packed army for each side, which for my table gives two very substantial starter armies. Zouaves, a cavalry unit (mounted and dismounted) and extra artillery with a limber or two per side have been added to round out the forces.

1066 armies in 12mm

Kallistra do a range of 12mm 1066 forces for Norman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking.

Their blisters are supplied with 40mm x 20 plastic bases, but I am going with 80mm frontages to make 1 base units in the Impetvs style, which work well with the Kallistra 100mm hexes, though the single base can look a bit awkward on hills, due to one end of the long base typically hanging in the air, rather than hugging the ground. This is still a basing style that I am just thinking about.