WWII tactical with 10mm figures from Pendraken. Each base represents an individual vehicle, gun or an infantry section. The infantry base has the section LMG as an inherent part of it's firepower and so the actual LMG team do not necessarily need to be shown on the base. Infantry bases are 40mm x 20mm, with support weapons on 20mm x 20mm bases. Artillery observers are on a small triangular base, simply to keep them compact and distictive (they are always classed as being in cover in my rules).

The vehicles are based on 25mm wide for larger vehicles and 20mm wide for anything that can get away with that, so that the vehicle foot print stays relatively small.


American Civil War from Kallistra. These are 12mm figures, so a bit bigger than 10mm, but the range is complete so looking for compatability with other ranges is not an issue. I like the size of the figures, they remind me of the charm of the compact style of the original 15mm scale of yester-year. 

The bases come with the blister packs and are 40mm x 20mm. This allows for 8 figures (2 ranks of 4). Mine are roughly placed, so that the lines have a slight non-uniformed look to them. Leaders are based as singles on 1 pence coins and the army commander is a 2 figure (mounted) group on a 2 pence coin. The army packs also give 4 cannon with crew and a choice of 3 gun barrels. 

I am basing the army organisation around two bases equal 1 regiment, with 1 regiment or artillery battery being allowed to occupy a hex. I bought a pre-packed army for each side, which for my table gives two very substantial starter armies. Zouaves, a cavalry unit (mounted and dismounted) and extra artillery with a limber or two per side have been added to round out the forces.

The Perry's have developed a good range of figures in their 28mm plastics, enough for them to put out the Perry ACW Battle in a Box starter set, which gives forces for both sides and a building, plus a set of simple rules. Each side gets four of these infantry regiments, with 18 figures per unit on 3 bases, plus some artillery, cavalry and a mounted general.

Since release, a further set of dedicated Union infantry in the style of the Confederate set have been released, which are a useful addition, especially in representing skirmishes.

Below is the battle box cover, an 18 man infantry regiment and an artillery piece painted up as a Union 12pdr.