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Bataille Empire

Bataille Empire Rules

Bataille Empire by Hervé Caille (from the same stable as L’Art De la Guerre) is a napoleonic rule system that is fully self contained in a single volume, so the gamer gets rules, a few scenarios and a comprehensive number of army lists, together with a description of unit types, weapons and tactics.

Just not having to buy supporting volumes makes this an attractive buy.

The system is disposed towards the smaller tables with 200 point armies fitting on a 120cm x 80cm surface and 300 point armies working with a 180cm x 120cm.

Measurements are based on the UD (unit of distance) and the rules are not demanding of specific basing sizes etc.

All told, this looks a friendly, well illustrated rule set.

Preparing for play

Bataille Empire has measurements made in Units of Distance - called UD. Basing is very flexible, but they assume a unit will be built from two bases and that one UD would measure the same as one of these bases - in effect 1 UD per half the frontage of a unit.

So if you have a unit built from 4 bases, then the UD would equal two of those bases. For preliminary testing, I have made a measuring stick that has 1 UD being 6 centimetres. This will allow me to test with  EPIC scale figures at two bases per line unit and also my 28mm, which sit on 80mm bases. While the latter should really use a UD of 8cm, keeping it at 6 won’t matter too much in practical terms and will help reduce the impact of bigger figures on a smaller table.

The system uses D6, but there is an optional rule that allows for some gentler effects by swapping out the D6 for Average Dice (numbered 2,3,3,4,4,5 instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6).

The yellow acrylic template is from Charlie Foxtrot and allows the 45˚ firing angles to be calculated.