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Dark Ages

Imaginations campaign map
Imaginations campaign map

Imaginations 3 battle mini campaign

Based on a game engine provided by another blogger recently for 18th Century Imaginations, I spent a pleasant Bank Holiday Monday running through a three battle mini campaign, with a conversion to a Dark Age imaginations campaign.

The campaign gave history a little wobble and moved some famous proceedings to 1065!


1066 project update

This was a hangover from 2017 and unfortunately has now become a hangover from 2018 and needs to get some serious attention to move it forward.

Basically I am looking at putting together a Hastings game on 4’ x 3’ space, using Kallistra 4" hexes and Kallistra 12mm figures.  The game engine will most likely be based around my boardgame on the same subject, though with a compressed battlefield compared to the hex and counter game, some tweaks will be needed, especially in relation to morale and breaking points.

A recent discovery of some old home spun Wars of Roses rules that I need for a non-hexboard, may though, provide another route for some Hastings specific rules. That part is still in the melting pot. I have abandoned the standard Kallistra basing (40 x 20mm bases) and gone mostly for single 80mm basing, with the way the figures are configured to give a visual description of unit type, for example, heavy infantry are in three ranks, medium infantry in two.  This is a ‘from scratch’ project, so two armies and suitable terrain are being built around the needs of the scenario.

There is a blog post for when this project was first being put together. Link

The first project update was posted in 2017, but here we are in 2018 and are not much further on. Link 

Invasion 1066 - The Battle of Hastings

Published by Revolution Games, this is my own design. It started out in life as a self published DTP game and happily Revolution Games picked it up, so now I get to play with real counters :-)

This was a long battle for the times and represents a hard slog for the Norman player, but they eventually do start to make progress. I have tried to get an emotional attachment into the game, so that the Norman player feels the frustration and difficulty of getting up that hill and the Saxon player feels the pressure of trying to fend them off until the end of the day.

Both players are working against a backdrop of ever increasing casualties which makes local routs much more likely. At some point the  local routs become more widespread, until one side or the other is clearly breaking - though often it is so close that each player thinks that just one more turn will do it for them.

AAR posted to the blog, LINK -

Another AAR, this time posted for the 950th Anniversary of the battle, LINK

Invasion 1066 - Stamford Bridge

This is the sister game to my Hastings game, published by Revolution Games.  It is a small footprint boardgame that despite using the same system, plays quite differently to the grinding situation at Hastings.

I have written up an AAR to describe some of the features of the game and that blog post can be seen at this LINK It was nice to play the professionally produced version rather than my old DTP kit and as ever, the game had a few interesting twists and turns with a tight finish. Thank you Roger (Revolution Games). 

EDIT - this is a rather nice 5 minute video that a Mr. Bickford did on the game. LINK

Harald Steptoesson

The free 28mm metal figure that comes with the Hail Caesar supplement ‘Shieldwall’ when bought directly from Warlord Games, is a nicely animated warrior for the Dark Age period.

Harald Steptoesson, for those who don’t know, is a humorous play on words, based around the 1960’s and ‘70’s UK sitcom, Steptoe and Son, about a rag-and-bone man outfit. The son’s name was Harold and the character duo were warmly adopted by a UK TV audiences.

As a limited production figure, Ge gets his own base ...... will a 28mm force follow!