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English Civil War

A bit of enthusiasm

One of the important elements of a wargame show to my mind is that you see something at the table that makes you think ‘I could do that at home’ and it sends you off to a trader to make them happy!

At the Alumwell show this year, I fell upon this ECW table, which if I am not mistaken, may have been run in association with Hellion Books - anyway, it their rulebook that is on the table and which also happens to be in my collection.

Anyway, I was struck by this good looking game sitting on a table that was probably dining table sized. there are only a few units on the table, but it looked like a really good game and those two buildings are actually quite big, but by cleverly placing them to the table edge, they do not over power the table at all.

I have earmarked this as something to return to as my Pocket Armies project unfolds.