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Men of Iron series

The new medieval Tri-Pack from GMT, which sees three previous games all reprinted and put into one box, plus the Agincourt scenario from the C3i magazine has been included.

The three previous games were Men of Iron, Infidel and Blood & Roses. It is probably the latter one that I want to dive into first, to get a look at the redesigned Bosworth 1485 scenario.

In my quest for streamlining my games into series rulebooks, this is one that can quite happily fill the medieval slot.

I just need to cut out seven and a half counter sheets now :-)

The Battle of Bosworth.

In 1994, I put together a small self published booklet that described the Battle of Bosworth 1485 and included a short set of fast play rules with 10mm figures on a small table. It was all done in the pre-computer budget style and would not pass muster today. 

A recent visit to the battle site (2018) caused me to dig out the old booklet and that started me wondering about doing a small Bosworth project. There are few boxes of 28mm Perry plastics in the ‘to do’ stash, so who knows!

Putting pen to paper, there is a short blog post covering some aspects of this. Link


I am slowly adding to the boxes of Perry 28mm plastic War of the Roses figures and have a couple of nice lead blister packs that will make command stands for King Richard III and Henry.

It will be a while before assembly and painting can start, but it does give an idea of direction for this project, which will help when I start tinkering with the rules.

These figures should photograph nicely, which will help illustrate the re-write of my Bosworth rules for the Pocket Armies project.