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Modern (post WWII)

Third World War - by Sir General John Hackett (and others).

Published by Sphere Books and enjoying five print runs in its day. I first read this title in 1981, a time when the Cold War still cast its chilly and sinister shadow over Europe and both the potential for conventional and nuclear war were in the public sub-conscious and particularly with those who had any association with the armed services or Civil Defence.  

This book used that background to provide a narrative of near future war in Europe starting in 1985. The author used his professional insight to weave a credible and gripping account as the political and military situations developed and escalated into open war.  Because it was a book of its time, the believable course of near future war was unsettling, but even when read today, I expect some of those ghosts still strike a chord.

Anyway, I have recently acquired MBT by GMT, a tactical wargame (sister game to the Panzer series) set around 1987 in Europe, in what wargamers have come to regard as the Team Yankee era. I thought I would re-acquire a decent copy of the book (I am surprised it is not on the Kindle) to set the scene for this and the various game modules that will soon follow. It is more than 35 years since I read this and I am hoping this time around it will not have lost much in holding attention with its unfolding story.

Perhaps this should be reprinted for a modern audience as a reminder of just how easy it is to slip into war, with the misery that results.  i never did get to read the follow on book called 'The Untold Story', so I have ordered that ( a hard cover copy no-less) for 40p plus postage. Once I have read this (I am hoping it remains as good as I remember it), I will put a review up on the 'Good Read' page.