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Eagles of France Series

The Eagles of France series by Hexasim now has a solid line-up of four titles, waterloo, Austerlitz, Ligny and Quatre Bras.

Units are regiments, ground scale is 200 metres to the hex and each turn represents an hour of time.

There is a fairly long game time to each battle and 3 out of the 4 games are two mappers, though each game does have a smaller intro scenario. On the boardgame side of things, this is the series that I want to pursue as it seems to hit the right balance of play v simulation.

A look at the Ligny module, which has the excellent short scenario covering ‘The Streets of Ligny’ LINK

A look at the Quatre Bras module and a replay of scenario 3, introductory scenario. LINK

Eagles at Quatre Bras

These are my (beta) rules for getting a napoleonic game onto a hex grid that will give a good game on a 4' x 3' table. Scales are somewhat flexible to allow users to squeeze in some bigger battlefields or go the other way and have a more tactical game with units representing regiments. 

As it stands, the units represent brigades and artillery batteries. A 4' X 3' table will comfortably give a Quatre Bras sized game with four or so divisions per side plus support.

The rules are presently in a beta testing format, but the main principles of play seem pretty solid, thou amalgamating them with my ACW set might be a better way to go, to get a Horse and Musket set.

Eagles at Quatre Bras downloads (thank you DropBox)

Rules for hexed battles Quatre Bras scenario: (link to follow)

A scenario for the EaQB rules (link to follow)

An early AAR in the systems life LINK

Waterloo - Fading Glory

During the 200th Waterloo anniversary,  I played out the three days of fighting using the Fading Glory boardgame by GMT.  A rolling blog post started on 15th June to show the preliminary moves and general situation and then as each of the next three days were played on their anniversay date, the blog was updated to show the significant events of that day. 

The progress of those 4 days have been formatted onto a single account available the link below. Note, it was written as the action unfolded, nothing is commented upon retrospectively. LINK -

Austrian 28mm Infantry 1798 - 1809

My usual battalions are 18 figures on three bases, but to represent this nationality using column and big battalions, I will need to move up to 24 figure battalions on 4 bases. Fortunately there are enough figures in the box to do this, plus two command sprues allow for two mounted colonels and two flag bearers.