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Recently played boardgames

Bosworth 1485 and more

This is a reprint of the first three games in the Men-of-Iron series and bundled together into a Tri-Pack.

Ideal for my attempt to streamline the boardgame collection by including more ‘series’ type games. These three modules take care of the early medieval through to late medieval period.

The Wars of the Roses module has been giving a lot of interest, with 1st St. Albans and Bosworth played several times and more recently going earlier to the Battle of Agincourt, which is a bonus scenario first appearing in the C3i Magazine.

The Agincourt got a write up at the blog and can be treated as a bit of a primer to the system. LINK

Old School Tactical Vol III

Hugely enjoying this latest Old School Tactical module from publisher Flying Pig and designer Shayne Logan.

Recently released, together with it’s expansion ‘Hell Bent’, this is an excellent addition to the line and possibly the best so far, even though this is not my prime theatre.

Between the two boxes, there are a ton of interesting scenarios running from 1942 to 45. The main module has a jungle board, the Hell Bent module has an interesting open board (lots of palm trees), a runway and a coastal area from invasion scenarios.

I have been working on a blog post, while running through a scenario, so hopefully this can be posted soon.

Red Typhoon

The Soviet winter counter-offensive 1942 in front of Moscow attacking German Army Group Centre.

Published by Revolution Games, the rules come in at just 5 pages, delivering a classic style of gaming with a Combat Table giving retreat / exchange / elim / contact  results, but with modern tweaks such as using activation points to allow a formation to move and / or fight.

There is a write-up over on the blog LINK

Fury at Midway

This is an update by Revolution Games of an original Japanese design published by Bonsai Games.

Revolution Games have added another copy of the same map, so that it can be played as a double blind game, increasing the excitement and tension that carrier type games bring of striking enemy carriers before your own are destroyed.

There is a rather clever mechanic of search ranges to the target generating the number of Operations Points that each player can use, rather than the usual search, locate and strike sequence that are common to carrier games.

I have put some observational notes and a brief write-up of our first game over on the blog.


Old School Tactical Stalingrad

From Flying Pig.

The photo is a capture from the Stalingrad module. This is a tactical WWII game with a hex representing around 50 metres and units representing infantry sections, individual weapon teams and individual vehicles.

Tactical systems by their nature can be quite complicated, but this series is quite accessible as once you have learned the infantry rules, the tank, artillery and air strike rules use very similar processes and are relatively simple to absorb into play.

Currently the system is doing east front 1941 - ‘42 and west front 1944 - ‘45 with Pacific on the horizon for near future release.

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