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10 Sep 2019

Stonewall’s Sword

The Battle of Cedar Mountain at the regimental level by Revolution Games.

I am just breaking into this most fascinating of designs, which is very nuanced and has a hint of miniatures flavour to it. 

In my quest for trying to turn over much of my boardgaming stuff to series based games, this just may be the series that fills my ‘go to’ ACW slot.

I only write about games on the blog that I enjoy (i.e. it is not a critically objective review site - phew!) and I have a feeling that this game is going to make a good blog article in time.

7 Sep 2019

Website soldiers on for another year

Again the time comes around to pay the yearly subscription on this site and again I wonder about its value.

I do not have analytics turned on, so have no idea as to what traffic visits here and also much of what I do is covered on the Battlefield & Warrior blog.

It does however come at a time when I have a few ideas in the back of my mind about gaming direction and so it may be that the COMMANDERS site has a part to play in that, simply because of the way that information can be organised and indexed on a website Vs a blog.

With that in mind, I have plonked down my fifty quid and away we go for another year! From a visitors perspective, there is the benefit that a paid for site comes advert free

5 Sep 2019

12mm Black Powder game for Salem Church scenario.

This is a Black Powder game played in a 3’ x 3’ space with 12mm Kallistra figures.

The scenario is based around a slice of action that occurred in a boardgame and has translated to the table top rather well.

There is a full blog post on the conversion, play and downloadable scenario at this Link

28 Aug 2019

10mm U.S. WWII on the painting table

I have just completed a Pendraken starter 10mm U.S. 1944 army, configured for their latest Blitzkrieg Commander rules.

The infantry are on 40mm x 20mm bases and the support weapons on 20mm x 20mm bases. Vehicles are bases at either 20mm or 25mm wide as required.

These figures were all primed with the ‘brush on’ Hammerite Special Metals primer, which is highlighted over in the Accessories section (look down the left hand tabs). The Lorry can be open backed or have the canvas canopy, but the bulk / heft that the canvas top brings does add something to the final result.

I have just blogged an article on painting up these figures. LINK

26 Aug 2019

Decision Games Musket and Saber series

This is one of their mini games that has the Quick Play version of the rules.

The real benefit of the game is that it has a superbly small footprint, plays in under two hours and cost in the region of £11 (UK).

Despite being a quick play version, these rules still raise some questions, but they give a good thoughtful game.

An AAR and some observations are on the blog LINK

18 Aug 2019

Tanks in ASL.

Quite a bit of time is being spent at the moment with vehicle rules for ASLSK and I have started to put an article together that is intended to encourage the infantry only player to have a dabble, without feeling they have to know all the options and variables that fall out of play.

It will just stick to a couple of typical examples that the gamer can rehearse.

As much as I like it, I find myself constantly wondering who thought it was a good idea to ever let a game get this complicated!

10 Aug 2019

Tigers at Minsk rules update

There is an August 2019 version of the rules at my DropBox. The main reason is that I had a technical problem (computer file lost) with the working copy of the file and had to re-create it back from the 2016 version.

I took the opportunity to change one rule. Now vehicles are not allowed to enter building hexes. I was never really happy with he way that this worked and changing it brings an advantage to those wanting to use bigger scales, as on a 4’ hex, getting a vehicle and a building into the same hex is usually physically impossible and somewhat counter-intuitive. 

LINK to the new 2019 version.

8 Aug 2019

Counter-attack at the Power Station

I eventually got the game going that I set up a few days ago and it was very enjoyable, highlighting, if nothing else, just how much game you can get out of a small space.

We had units using the city sewers and a sharp lesson in having unsupported armour in a city environment.

Anyway, the AAR write-up is here LINK

3 Aug 2019

Counter Attack at the Power Station

It has been a while since the hex cityscape has hit the table, so a scenario based around a counter-attack was put together and set out.

Unfortunately back ache prevented play, but I took enough pictures of the set up positions to outline a brief blog post about the intended scenario.

There are also a link there as to how the city board was created.