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3 Jul 2020

The OST Mini Campaign file is ready

The mini campaign for Old School Tactical is now available for download. I have put the files on my DropBox and at BoardGameGeek. A blog article discusses some design points and includes the links to get the file. 

The idea is that this is a generic system that should work with any of the OST core modules.


30 Jun 2020

Men of Iron

The new medieval Tri-Pack from GMT, which sees three previous games all reprinted and put into one box, plus the Agincourt scenario from the C3i magazine has been included.

The three previous games were Men of Iron, Infidel and Blood & Roses. It is probably the latter one that I want to dive into first, to get a look at the redesigned Bosworth 1485 scenario.

In my quest for streamlining my games into series rulebooks, this is one that can quite happily fill the medieval slot.

I just need to cut out seven and a half counter sheets now :-)

28 Jun 2020

OST campaign game 3

Part 3 of the mini campaign is up and things are holding up quite well. Some small tweaks have been made to the mini campaign document.

In this game, the village comes under intense pressure, but both sides are feeling the strain of not having enough infantry. LINK

26 Jun 2020

OST generic campaign continues

The second action has just been fought. 

The Germans have switched the focus of the attack, but casualties are very heavy.

More here - LINK

25 Jun 2020

28mm Austrian Napoleonics

In the painting queue are ACW with WWII and Wars of the Roses battling for a space on the painting table, so I have put together a unit of ....... napoleonics!

These are 28’s in plastic from Perry Miniatures and I thought because of the mostly white uniform, they would be a quick easy job ....none of it!

These have taken me ages, but perhaps my fault for undercoating in black. Also every colour contrasts so obviously with white, so it takes a lot of effort to keep on going back in to fix paint spills or wobbly lines that the eye wouldn’t normally see with other colours.

Anyway, done is done and as is often typical of painted figures, they look better to the eye than they do photographed.

Importantly is the settling on a base size. These are 80mm wide by 40 deep. I had bought 50 deep, but the spacing was too great. The way I figure the basing is that I only need 2 or 4  or 6 bases, so that both line and attack column (and square) can be represented. Doing this with fewer bases, but with 20 figures seemed the best way to go.

I am still thinking about this, but so far, am pretty happy with that decision. 

22 Jun 2020

The OST campaign system is being tested

I have played and written up the first game of the mini campaign and everything seems to be running well and more to the point, It has given an exciting opening game.

I have put an article up on the blog that covers some aspects of the set-up of forces and playing of the first game and some elements from the Resting Phase, that sits between each play and manages such things as reinforcements and luck cards etc.


21 Jun 2020

Starting an OST campaign module

I have started putting together a generic campaign building module for OST and currently have it on the table, pushing it through it’s first trials.

So far, it is working very well and is producing an interesting first battle, though as with all such homemade brews, it is needing some tinkering and better wording along the way.

This will all likely end up on the blog soon.

20 Jun 2020

My non-wargame show report

Today would normally be the scheduled day for my fave wargame show ‘Phalanx’, but for obvious Covid related reasons it can’t go ahead.

So instead, I have made a virtual visit, with a bit of buying, selling, chatting and gaming and put together a ‘non-show report’.

This is just a fun celebration of the show scene. If you fancy a quick read, the post is up over on the blog - LINK

15 Jun 2020

Old School Tactical Vol III

Hugely enjoying this latest Old School Tactical module from publisher Flying Pig and designer Shayne Logan.

Recently released, together with it’s expansion ‘Hell Bent’, this is an excellent addition to the line and possibly the best so far, even though this is not my prime theatre.

Between the two boxes, there are a ton of interesting scenarios running from 1942 to 45. The main module has a jungle board, the Hell Bent module has an interesting open board (lots of palm trees), a runway and a coastal area from invasion scenarios.

EDIT - the blog post is now up LINK

13 Jun 2020

Not a Wargame Show

With my much loved Phalanx Wargame Show (UK) due to be held on the 20th, but obviously cancelled due to Covid restrictions. I am making an effort to virtually experience the show, which will include a post ‘non show’ report.

I suppose this is best described as just taking a moment in time to respect our vibrant show scene and show a bit of appreciation for what we have, even though temporarily lost.

More on the blog. LINK

13 Jun 2020

A kind gift from a fellow blogger

Following on from my Wars of Roses artillery piece shown below. A fellow blogger kindly sent me some beautifully painted Wars of Roses figures from a project that he had started, but had then diverted to something else.

The blog environment for wargamers really is a place of good and gentlemanly company, a quiet acre of the internet. Thank You.

9 Jun 2020

War of Roses artillery

A 28mm model from Front Rank. The body is all in one piece, so only the wheels needed adding and it paints up rather well.

With a crew of 3, this sits nicely on a compact 60mm wide by 80mm deep base.

8 Jun 2020

Saratoga mini game

This is the sister title to Germantown game from Decision Games and is presented in the same format, with the same special rules.

The game opens with the British advancing in the Fog towards the Bemis Heights, with victory relying upon the British capturing one of two key hex objectives located towards the rear of the Heights.

I like the battle, but this playing felt a bit shallow and I seem to remember it giving a better game, so I checked on my old blog post, which did give the game the thumbs up, but the big difference seems to be that in this game the fog did not clear until turn 4, while in the previous game (2016!) it cleared on turn 2.

The consequence was that it just took too long for the British to reach the Heights and have enough time left to attack properly. So the game this time around was still interesting and pleasant escapism for an hour, but it was not exciting or tense!

5 Jun 2020

Germantown PBEM AAR

We have concluded our play by e-mail game on the battle of Germantown and it was a ton of fun.

I limited all the players information to just what they could see (3 hexes distance) and to what information flowed into their headquarters from other commanders.

The outcome was a very interesting gaming experience of the realities of the fog of war and associated command limitations.

Anyway, with the game concluded, I have done a full write up of the battle and blogged it. This will be the first chance that any of the gamers will get to see of the bigger picture, outside their own few acres of battlefield!

Highly enjoyable, thanks to all involved.


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