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Pinboard Wars.


The large pinboard, with an internal measurement of 22” x 34”, is the perfect size to snugly take a standard hex and counter map and a Perspex sheet can be cut to just drop inside the edging to hold everything down, making a gaming space that can be moved around the house.

The same space will take the Kallistra 4" plastic hexes, allowing a field of 8 x 6 hexes. There are an increasing number of rule systems that specifically cater for small boards, whether it be skirmish in the larger scales or battles with smaller figures. Converting rule measurements, for example by exchanging inches for centimetres or making a scaled down measuring stick or photo-copying a ruler and re-scaling by say 50%, effectively increasing the relative board space to equate to nearer a more spacious 6 x 4 table. I chose an MDF board rather than the cork faced cardboard affairs, simply for strength. On the rear side of the board, I have hot glued some panels of foam core (bought from an art shop), as this acts as a support so that the middle of the board does not belly.

Here is a link to a blog post that discusses the above in more detail -

ACW on a pinboard

The new pinboard has gone posh with an aluminium frame and a slightly textured surface. 

To show the board in action, there is a blog post (see below link) covering an ACW action with 21 formation on the board. It turns out to be rather an uneven match, but gave a fun game and shows what is possible within a small space.


My WWII tactical rules (Tigers at Minsk) are designed to work on the pinboard when it is hexed with an 8 x 6 field. Dozens of games have been successfully run in this space, demonstrating how you don't have to have a large table to have a good game. The following 3 links give a flavour of this.

LINK 1 - A blog post made during the development of the campaign module for Tigers at Minsk.

Link 2 -  A full replay of the campaign game during the final play test - Bring a coffee! (8mb download)

Link 3 - A blog showing how a hexed city scape was created for the pinboard.


1st Bio-Tech

Free easy play Sci-Fi rules for a pinboard sized game using a cityscape theme. The rules were designed with Kallistra 100mm hexes in mind, but are easily converted to an open board using 1 hex equals 4".

1st Bio-Tech are a specialist unit, deployed to sites where there has been an Alien incursion. I have used pendraken 10mm forces.

The rule files (DropBox) are available via the following blog post HERE