Commanders, a wargame digest

Commanders, a wargame digest


Pinboard Wars

Action in a small space

This section is all about getting a figures game onto a large pinboard - something that is easy to set up on the kitchen table …. or even place upon an ironing board if you want to stand or are space strapped. It can be moved around the house when the table is needed and the battlefield is small enough that stretching across it is not necessary, making it a good solution for anyone with limited mobility or recuperating and is not very demanding on storage.

My pinboard has an internal usable surface of 34” x 22”.

This graphic is taken form my blog post that covered battle for Hangman’s Hill. LINK

Campaigns and fast play rules

The two most recent issue of Warning Orders (free e-zine) contain a campaign system / environment and a fast play set of WWII rules, that allow a full campaign to be played in a single day.

This photo shows the set-up I used to try the system out. Threre is a full account at the blog link below.


OST rules with figures

To bring some tanks to the Pinboard, I have had a knock-around with 3 Shermans and 2 Panthers in 1/144 scale (Victrix), using the Old School Tactical boardgame hex based rules, converted to 1 hex = 1 inch.

The Sherman in the churchyard is armed with a 76mm and is a threat to the panthers, but the panthers won the opening initiative and got to fire first. Their dice fell lucky and they knocked the 76mm Sherman out.

From there-on, it was only going to go in one direction!

Shermans burning!

On turn 2, things got worse for the Americans as they rolled a very low number of impulses. 

They had managed to hit one of the Panthers, which became ‘Shaken’, but return fire from the other panther took both remaining shermans out of the game.

The basics of the rules work fine in this format, so I will set up again and try out an infantry action with some limited armour support.

EDIT - I have put a bit more detail up on BoardGameGeek, which shows the various stages of action. LINK

Epic scale figures

I have just been trying out a few of the Warlord Games Epic bases to see how they might look / work on the pinboard.

The commander and foot artillery piece have been primed, painted and based and look quite promising.

For the infantry, I have slightly trimmed down both ends of the 60mm bases, as otherwise there is a too noticeable gap between the figures on the stands that annoys my eye. The gap is still there, but now significantly reduced.

I am hoping that just two infantry bases (total frontage 120mm)will be able to represent a formation when in line and three bases can be used when in column (60mm frontage, 60mm depth) for best visual effect.

Perhaps 3 guns should make the battery, while cavalry will have 2 bases regardless of formation.

Included in the photograph is a single base of skirmishing French. These figures are provided in singles and I though just 4 per base would do the job, meaning two bases could be gained from each full sprue.

The front rank of the infantry have been permanently glued onto the base and this is where they will be painted. The rear rank is temporarily glued down and will be removed and put onto their own painting stick, which will also allow full painting access to the front rank.

1/144 scale Victrix

These are from the new line of Victrix 1/144 kits. Each bag comes with 6 vehicles and each vehicle is on a sprue with only around 7 - 9 parts, so are fast and easy builds.

They fit in with the newer Pendraken 10mm sculpts. So far I have 6 Shermans and 1 Panther done, so will have a short knock-around, testing out the gun / armour tables from various rules.

Some Pinboard terrain

All six of the Panthers are now fully painted up. The Poplar trees (50mm and 40mm) have arrived from Timescale and have been mounted on cut down tongue suppressors in groups of three.

The field is a latex product, also by Timescale,  washed and painted with student grade tubed acrylic paints and to the eye looks very good. I have three larger fields to do and a length of road in the same material also arrived.