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Small Grid Games


This pages looks at the compact scenario, with all games played out on small gridded table of various sizes.

Tactical WWII in a built up area - This is an infantry only scenario played out on the suburbs of a city on the east front - though it can easily convert to other fronts. It was played with 10mm forces on a 4" hex grid.


Action at Willoughby Run. This is a part of the McPherson Ridge scenario found in the Two Flags - One Nation rulebook.

With just 5 - 6 units per side, the confederates are trying to push across Willoughby run, clear the Union cavalry from their ambush positions on the other side and then capture two of the wooded hill hexes beyond. 

Find out more at the blog, where there is a full AAR write-up.


Company level attack on a hamlet - WWII

A new scenario with short AAR has been added to my blog. It is a WWII mid war action, with a company sized Soviet attack against a small hamlet. 

The defenders have been told that reinforcements are on the way - but will they be able to hold out long enough?

The scenario was played a second time with some minor rule tweaks to allow 15mm models working together with terrain on the 4" hex tile.