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Terrain building

Needing bigger trees.

During a tidy up, I came across a box of trees that had been collected for some 20mm / 28mm gaming and they were in various states of completion and condition. Getting them all together, I refurbished them as a group.

All the clump foliage type trees got a spray of watered down PVA to strengthen them. All of the nylon bristle type trees that were showing some wear, were sprayed with that glue that is used for mounting photographs and then were rolled in Scenic Woodland course turf to re-flock them.

Finally, I had some large plastic armatures from Woodlands Scenics and I have never had much luck with getting clump foliage to stick properly to these, so looking for an alternative, I used a hot glue gun to stick that moss lichen to the branches, which acts like a bulking material. These then had thinned PVA glue sprayed on them to firm them and allowed to fully dry.

Once dry, they were sprayed with the photo glue and then rolled in the course turf, which conceals the moss texture and instead gives a finer ‘clump foliage’ type look, that is quite passable as a tree. The only downside to this, despite the PVA glue, is that the lichen remains a bit spongy, so needs a bit of gentle handling and someone else on a forum suggested that the lichen will dry out and degrade over time, so I will keep an eye on this. Tap on the photo for an enlargmenet, the tress on the lower right are lichen based.

Everything once done was given a couple of coats of hairspray as a fixative. Anyway for a relatively small amount of time / work, these should give quite a presence on the table for some time to come.