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Tank duel at Prokhorovka,

A Tigers at Minsk Scenario. 

This is a new scenario that has tank only forces on the table. The terrain is randomly set and after deployment, there is some scope for individual tanks to be moved into different positions based upon a die roll.

The idea is that the scenario can have a useful life as the terrain will be slightly differently located in each game. With all of those gun tubes on the table, there is the prospect of a quick end, but in my reply, a combination of reasons, not least some bad shooting rolls and too many stun results instead of ‘knock-outs’, meant that the game went the full distance.

The scenario and some AAR notes have been put up over on the blog.



Oh No! Am I about to disappear down the ASL rabbit hole again :-)

Hatten in Flames by MMP is the latest historical module for the ASL system. It is January 1945. The December battles of the Bulge have ended, but the Germans note that the Alsace sector (northeastern France) has been weakened when U.S. troops shifted upwards to deal with the Bulge crisis and so they launch operation Northwind. 

From that campaign, we get the attack on Hatten. The game has a large single map with a snow filled landscape, generating 8 scenarios and 2 campaign games.

In some ways, I have had my hand turned to buy back into ASL at this particular point in time, because of that basic problem with ASL, that modules go out of print and can stay out of print for years, so the wisdom seems to be, get it while you can. 

In this regard I wanted this playable historical module. It needs the Yanks and Beyond Valor base games to play and I know i need to get Yanks before it disappears off the shelves. That together with the fact that Beyond Valor, the essential base module that contains the German Order-of-Battle has just come back into print, made the investment now a sensible decision.

One of the things I would like to get back into is having a regular mid-week game of ASL using single board scenarios, an act that itslef helps embed the rules to become more second nature.


Untold Stories by Lock ‘n Load

An expansion module for the Heroes of Normandy base game. This is a new idea from L’nL. There is a book of short stories recently published by them and this is the scenario pack that supports the story book.

It seems a good idea to have a very much narrative based game drawing scenario design inspiration from a story book.

I put out scenario 1 last night and am presently busy putting together a detailed blog post that takes a close look at the scenario package. This should be up on the blog in the next day or so and once done, I will add a link here.



Guderian’s War by One Small Step.

A new purchase and a new company to me. This is a Ty Bomba design covering the 1941 drive on Moscow.

It is quite tightly focussed, with just the central thrust of Barbarossa being covered and perhaps unusually for a Barbarossa game, is time limited to end before the muds start. So the question becomes, can the Germans make Moscow in a shorter time frame? as claimed by Guderian.

I quite like Bomba east front designs and this game has ‘untried units’ for pretty much the entire Soviet order-of-battle, which is perhaps my favourite game mechanic and makes for good solitaire play. With a mounted board and 5/8th counters, this one should hit the table soon.


Arnhem by Avalon Hill.

Another oldie but goodie, it is some years since I have played this, but Mike put it up on the table on Friday and we got an enjoyable session out of it.

To my knowledge, it was the first of the Area based designs and having played many other Area based games over recent years, it was really interesting to go back to the zero point before the various aspects of Area engine evolution came into being.

I took the German side and ran what seemed a good campaign of significantly reducing Allied capability and slowly shrinking the perimeter, until by the final turn, having full control of the board - however, as visually or inutuitively right that looked, the result was an Allied minor victory.

This is because the game is not about slowly reducing the perimeter, but rather, doing it quickly and taking ownership of VP areas early to accumulated a higher VP total through the game - that is where the real challenge is for the German player and something I failed to grasp. However, a very successful gaming evening and the charms of the game are as strong as they were 40 years ago.


Panzer - a tale of two tank platoons.

I have been looking at GMT’s Panzer game from the perspective of how the men, their training and their machines, inter-play into the narrative of the game. 

Taking a slice of action that has two platoons face off while attempting to secure the same objective, I have added a layer of narrative that personalises the action a bit, while also explaining some of the mechanics that make things happen in a way that loosens player control. As usual, it is over on the blog as a new post.



Bosworth Battlefield (1485).

We visited the Bosworth Battlefield Centre today, though when booking accomodation last week, Storm Ali was not even on the cards, but, here we are witnessing the tail end of the storm, so needless to say heavy rain put paid to battlefield trail walking.

Not to worry, I have done it before and it was interesting to visit the museum and then pop into the gift shop, which is very well stocked with books. I picked up the Terry Wise, Men-at-Arms volume on The Wars of the Roses by Osprey Publishing. A nice title for the wargamer and one that I have owned before (I sold all my books when moving to a small apartment) and is lovely to have back in my hands.

The visit is in part connected with the three boxes of Perry 28mm WoR plastics at home in the ‘to be painted’ pile, which itself has been causing some stirings in the ‘possible new project’  department.

As an aside, years ago (1985) I visited the Battlefield Centre for the 500th Anniversary celebrations of the battle. Around that time I was fascinated by the engagement and had self published a small booklet (poor by todays standards) that covered the history of the battle and which included a small section on wargaming the subject. I had a 4’ x 3’ polystyrene battleboard and used a small collection of badly painted / based 10mm figures to illustrate the game rules. The booklet was sold through the Battlefield Centre. Perhaps all of the above will set the stage for a related blog post at some future point :-)


Commanders yearly renewal

I really have no idea to what degree this website is visited or useful, so perhaps somewhat against my better judgement, I have renewed the contract for another 12 months.

It at least gives me some breathing space to decide how best to use this site for it to better compliment the Warriors & Battlefields blog

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