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Just a quick update to current gaming and a note of thanks.

Each day since 15th December, I have been running a Battle of the Bulge campaign game to coincide with historical dates. The game is due to end on the 26th, so we are nearly there.

For those who have not come across the post, it is now quite lengthy, but hopefully entertaining, so if anyone has some spare time on their hands on Christmas Day, when the wargame part of the internet is quiet, then the below link will take you to aread that is long enough to need a cup of coffee to get you through it :-)


Thank you to all that read the blog and to those who show their visible support by 'Following'. The current post is running close to 10,000 words and in truth, simply would not happen without me knowing there is an audience that is actually interestedin this sort of thing.

Thanks also to the traders who keep us in touch with the delights of the hobby, especially those supporting wargame shows.

I hope everyone enjoys the festive period and perhaps gets a chance for some quality gaming or reading. For those that have their time squeezed due to work commitments etc, I hope you get to do the thing that works best for you and thanks for keepingthe wheel on, that allows everyone else to relax, especially the Forces,  emergency services and social carers and the many unsung heroes who just quietly get on with the task of keeping things going.

All good - Cheers Norm.

The Battle of the Bulge continues ......

The Bulge campaign, played using the Bitter Woods boardgame, designed by Randy Heller and published by Compass Games, continues to be played on a daily basis against the historical time-table.

Having played a lot of Bulge games, this one is giving the Germans quite a bit of lattitude to prosecute their attack and maintain the pressure on the Allies.

The Allies have taken a lot of casualties and so I am not seeing the close down of the German expansion at this point in time and it is interesting to see, when trying to look for something different  between the plethora of Bulge games, this seems to be one area that is giving something different.

I’m sure it can’t last, but at the moment, it is the German side that is controlling the flow of the game.



Another ASL Starter Kit 1 scenario

While playing the Bulge campaign with the Bitter Woods game, the opening big success for the Germans was at Hosingen.

I noticed that the ASLSK had a Hosingden scenario, so as a suitable tactical tie-in to the campaign game, onto the table it went. Would the German force win big here as well?

The write up and some pictures are over on the blog - LINK


Revisit the Vierville scenario again (ASLSK).

Trying my hand at scenario 1 again (see below), but another German defeat, though the first set of 5-4-8 reinforcements walked straight into defensive fire, scoring double one on the dice and resulting in a 2KIA. 

Random selection resulted in the leader and a squad taking KIA results and the Germans never really recovered from that as American reinforcements were able to pretty quickly advance towards the centre of the town without fear of being fired on while moving in the open.


Jan 2019, issue 429 Miniature Wargames

Hit the UK stores (W.H Smiths) yesterday. An interesting issue with quite a bit of ‘real’ table eye candy and I can see myself reading pretty much all of it over the festive season. 

Just a quick flick through, things that caught my eye, - A scenario for Black Ops, a night time based scenario, attacking a compound,  Corunna with a nice order of battle listing for Moore and Soult, a 1983 - 85 Cold War Gone Hot game with Able Archer, the add-on set to Rapid Fire rules, Kursk, slices of action using any scale, but 20mm is the focus with 9 tables (3x3 arrangement) allowing three defensive belts to be shown, the article is under-pinned by a theme of bath-tubbing the forces so they have ratios that remain in keeping with the campaign differences and a ‘how to’ aricle on building wadi terrain. 


Battle of the Bulge 1944.

Bitter Woods (Compass Games Edition) goes onto the table. Each turn in the game represents about 12 hours of real time, so the intention is to play two turns a day and follow the campaign action right up to 26th December, updating the blog each day to show the progress of the game.

I am starting the series of posts today (15th december) to lay out the scene on the Eve of battle.

Each day the post will grow a little longer as the new action is added. Hopefully this will turn out to be something interesting and that by Christmas Day, anyone with time on their hands will certainly have enough to read for a long coffee break. 



ASLSK - Retaking Vierville.

This is scenario 1 from the first starter kit and as such, for a generation of gamers new to ASL and using this kit to get started, this scenario will likely be the one that gets played first and several subsequent times. I wonder whether to those players, it has the magic and charm that the introductory scenario of Guards Counter-attack from basic Squad Leader had all those years ago and which spawned a generation of tactical gaming fans.

Putting the rose tinted glasses to one side! :-) this is a good scenario that draws both players in, with a conundrum that requires the players to think in terms of balancing both firepower and manoeuvre and so maximises on reinforcing the learning of the basic principles of the game. Support weapons do not make an appearnce, this is purely an infantry squad and leaders affair .... as straight forward as it gets.

The background story is that .... U.S. Paratroopers on D-Day +1 had captured Vierville and then moved on towards St. Come du Mont, pretty much leaving Vierville abandoned. The Germans quickly put in a counter-attack and small units of paratroops rushed to Vierville and bitter fighting ensued. The Germans were eventually ejected.

In the game, the paratroopers just about managed to hold out, but another turn would have likely seen German occupation of at least one of the 4 VP hexes. A good tight scenario. 


Pinboard Battles!

A return to some pinboard gaming with 12mm ACW forces. 

Using the Perry Firepower rules and converting inches to centimetres, a recent game put a total of 21 formations into a pinboard sized playing area, giving an under-strength division per side.

The unit frontage used was 80mm, which is the same as I use with the 100mm (4") Kallistra hexes.

There is a write up on the blog that discusses the painting / texturing of the pinboard and an After Action Report, that hopefully shows the degree of action that can come out of this small space.

Blog Link ....

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