This Week


I have been working on a west front 1944 - ‘45 module for my Tigers at Minsk hex based rule set and this is in the final stages now. 

In addition to the additiional equipment lists, new terrain types and specific module rules, I have been working on a scenario involving a German counter-attack against a Canadian held village.

The scenario is quite interesting and a little different from previous scenarios as it includes tank destroyers that can make use of the new ‘shoot and scoot’ rule. It is also plays out on a 10 x 9 hex grid, so the playing area is a little larger than those previoulsy covered, but still within the realms of the kitchen table style gaming.

There was a solo play in the week, which tweaked a few things and a face-to-face with Mike last night, which raises some new tweaks, so hopefully there will be enough in there to give both sides some interest when things are settled.

Dealing with the new equipment caused some system problems with those anti-tank guns that have a relatively small bore but large calibre. A suitable fix was found, but this has meant that some of the previous lists have had to have a few values slightly lowered. There will be a blog post in the near future that includes the new module and highlights any changes - which I always try to keep to a minimum. 

Painting has been diverted to get the Commonwealth troops up and running and the Pendraken figures are turning out quite nicely.

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