This Week


Lock ‘n Load tactical has not been on the table since January (The Snipers Den scenario), so as a referesher, the ‘Attack of Das Kochegschirr’ (6th June ‘44) scenario from Heroes of Normandy has just hit the table. It uses maps 14 and 15 as shown above. I have added the three circles and the arrow to show German objectives and their entry point. The map will form the basis of the next next blog post.

This is just me getting ready for what I hope is my next game fest (i.e. big game and / or game left set up for more than a day). Basically I want to do the full map battle from the Dark July supplement (an expansion to Heroes of the Motherland), which represents action from the Kursk campaign 1943.

The Dark July expansion has a full sized map (22" x 34"), but I have the X-Maps expansion, which basically covers the same terrain but does it at double size using two large maps. So bigger hexes and distances that aesthetically at least are fitting with those long guns on the German ‘big cats’. This will fit onto a 4’ x 3’ table and will probably be highlighted in the subsequent blog post.

All the recent ACW stuff has resulted in me doing a rather big edit to my Two Flags - One Nation hex based rules, with some needed steamlining being sorted, but also with changes that take the rules towards my ultimate goal of merging game engines with the napoleonic set (Eagles at Quatre Bras) to give a single Horse and Musket system engine. 

So between Lock ‘n Load and the ACW rewrite, it looks to be a full and busy month.

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