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The Painting Table

Perry 28mm zouaves

The Zouaves were the last unit that needed painting from my Perry 28mm ACW Battle in a Box set, which alas was bought in 2015, so it has taken too long to get around to these.

They are brightly coloured compared to the the typical blue / grey / brown uniforms of the ACW, so they took a bit more work to get done.

These have been painted and flagged at the 5th New York Volunteer regiment, a unit that also adorns the front cover of the fast play Perry ‘Firepower’ rules that also come with the set.

The farmhouse in the image also comes with this set, in plastic kit form and  assembles and paints quite nicely. With the set done, I have already prepped up another three infantry regiments for each side, so they will see a brush .... eventually!

28’s napoleonic Austrian Infantry

In the painting queue are ACW with WWII and Wars of the Roses battling for a space on the painting table, so I have put together a unit of ....... napoleonics!

These are 28’s in plastic from Perry Miniatures and I thought because of the mostly white uniform, they would be a quick easy job ....none of it!

These have taken me ages, but perhaps my fault for undercoating in black. Also every colour contrasts so obviously with white, so it takes a lot of effort to keep on going back in to fix paint spills or wobbly lines that the eye wouldn’t normally see with other colours.

Anyway, done is done and as is often typical of painted figures, they look better to the eye than they do photographed.

Importantly is the settling on a base size. These are 80mm wide by 40 deep. I had bought 50 deep, but the spacing was too great. The way I figure the basing is that I only need 2 or 4  or 6 bases, so that both line and attack column (and square) can be represented. Doing this with fewer bases, but with 20 figures seemed the best way to go. 

I am still thinking about this, but so far, am pretty happy with that decision. 

Wars of the Roses artillery

A 28mm model from Front Rank. The body is all in one piece, so only the wheels needed adding and it paints up rather well.

With a crew of 3, this sits nicely on a compact 60mm wide by 80mm deep base.

Two more shots from different angles here LINK

More Perry 28mm plastics

The Confederate cavalry from the Perry 28mm ACW Battle in a Box set. All that remains to be done from that set are the Zouaves.

These seemed to take an age to do. I use the Army Painter Dark tone wash, diluted with the Acrylic mix medium at a ratio of 1:1. It looked okay going on, but it darkened the figure far too much and a lot of highlighting had to go back in to rescue them.

Anyway, they base well and match the Union cavalry. They are on 60mm x 50mm MDF  bases.

Perry 28mm ACW artillery

These fine fellows are just awaiting a blast of mat varnish to give some protection, flatten any sheen from the inks and to ‘fix’ the flocks.

The gun barrel ends have been lightly drilled out to give a better 3D effect. 

I generally like a battery to be represented by two guns, but I happened to have the third, which will just give some extra flexibility on the table.

Plastic 28mm cavalry

The Perry 28mm ACW Battle in a Box set proceeds slooowly, with six Union cavalry now moving off the painting table. I am somewhat shocked to see that I bought this set in late 2015 and it still isn’t done!

The kit comes with 60mm x 45mm plastic bases for the cavalry, but I have swapped these out for MDF 60mm x 50mm bases and it is surprising how just that extra 5mm of depth gives a bit more space for the figures to seemingly breathe (click to see). 

These are block painted, washed with a thinned Army Painter wash and then highlighted. I have taken the blue lighter than is correct, but I simply prefer the brighter uniform on the table.

15mm Windmill

This is a 15mm offering from Ironclad Miniatures, giving us a Russian windmill in resin.

It comes in 10 parts, 5 of which are the 4 sails and the union that they sit in.

It all goes together quite nicely, paints up well and has that reassuring weight that comes with resin.  

10mm Napoleonic artillery - Pendraken

French 4pdr’s from the French 1809 army pack.

I have based these onto the Kallistra 30mm x 40mm plastic bases and at first thought the base was perhaps too big, but with the figures added, it looks about right.

The army pack gives 3 guns and crews, so the frontage here is 90mm, though in actual gaming, I may well drop to a two model battery depending on the size and demands of the scenario,

These were primed grey, block painted, washed and then highlighted.

Peter Pig 15mm ACW artillery

Bought as a couple of sample bags (crew and guns sold separately) to have a go at painting them up and also to compare them with my Kallistra ACW 12mm Union artillery.

The figures were very clean, with just a couple of mould lines that needed a file passing over them and each base has a very small nub that needs paring or filing back.

Overall, I thought the figures had a good presence and character. I managed to get the gun onto a 30mm wide base by 40mm deep.

Harald Steptoesson

The free 28mm metal figure that comes with the Hail Caesar supplement ‘Shieldwall’ when bought directly from Warlord Games, is a nicely animated warrior for the Dark Age period.

Harald Steptoesson, for those who don’t know, is a humorous play on words, based around the 1960’s and ‘70’s UK sitcom, Steptoe and Son, about a rag-and-bone man outfit. The son’s name was Harold and the character duo were warmly adopted by a UK TV audiences.

As a limited production figure, I have given him his own base.

SU 122 from Pegasus

This is the 1/72 fast build from Pegasus, with two vehicles per box. The vehicle has the 122mm howitzer mated with the chassis of a T-34 tank.

It is a butt ugly machine, yet one of my favourite vehicles.

Here it is posing in front of a pre-painted resin building from Conflix.

Italeri plastic 1/72 fast build Tiger I kit.

These are fast build, with few parts and importantly, the track and the running gear come as single pieces, making these ideal fast builds for the wargamer.

The boxes come with two vehicles, which I find handy as I tend to only use vehicles in small groups.

They do come with decals, which cannot be said of all quick build offerings.

There is a bit of a fun post over on the blog based around this kit. LINK

10mm Pendraken U.S. WWII

I have just completed a starter 10mm U.S. 1944 army, configured for their latest Blitzkrieg Commander rules.

The infantry are on 40mm x 20mm bases and the support weapons on 20mm x 20mm bases. Vehicles are bases at either 20mm or 25mm wide as required.

These figures were all primed with the ‘brush on’ Hammerite Special Metals primer, which is highlighted over in the Accessories section (look down the left hand tabs). The Lorry can be open backed or given the canvas canopy, but the bulk / heft that the canvas top brings does add something to the final result.

There is a blogged article here showing how the army was painted. LINK

Warlord 28mm plastic warriors

From their Hail Caesar series, this has been just one of my ongoing experiments with 28mm, with motivation coming from the Sword and Spear rules. These have been based onto 80mm frontages with a depth of 60mm.

I know some systems reserve 80mm for 15mm figures and use 120mm for 28mm, but if I am to get the Sword and Spear rules working on my small table, then smaller bases are the way to go and compromises are what they are. As always, I have to say that I am not a painter, I just do this to I get figures onto the table, so I cannot do 28mm sculpting justice, but since I generally dislike painting, I was quite pleased at how much I enjoyed a leisurely paint, by just block painting, followed by a wash of Army Painter soft tone ink and then going back in to do do some highlights.

The base is textured with white artists modelling paste (Galleria by Newton and Winsor) darkened with a couple of drops of black acrylic paint to kill the white. This hides the edges of the figure bases, blending them into the ground. Once dry everything is heavily dry brushed, covered with PVA glue and then a collection of sands, flocks and bushes are added. The shield water slide transfers come with the box of figures, but I had to cut mine up a bit to fit, which was disappointingly fiddly, but I mostly got there in the end. The box has 40 figures, so 4 of these stands can be made up if I choose to go that way.