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Phoenix 2019 wargame show

Atended Phoenix 2019 today in beautiful Cumbria. This is a small and friendly show that has around 20 traders and 7 demo / participation tables.

An enjoyable day and I came away with six foot of 6” river and got all ‘Dark Ages’!

There is a full write up on the blog, together with pictures at the below link;

Phalanx 2019

Visited Phalanx (Northwest UK) and had a really enjoyable day.

Pretty much got the things I wanted and have just dipped my toe into a bit of Napoleonic Naval gaming.

I picked up Black Powder II and for a more modern setting of Cold war gone Hot, Seven Days to the River Rhine took my fancy as I had enjoyed their Iron Cross rules so muck.

Plenty of other things were on offer and the game tables around the room looked good..

There is a show report up on the blog Link

Phoenix wargame show 2018

This is a small frindly event that sees 19 traders abd 7 game tables plus a couple of tournaments and it is set in a modern eco friendly centre within the beautiful county of Cumbria.

I found some traders who were new to me, plus I picked up a few items that I had not come across before, including some interesting and rather nicely presented English Civil War rules and some pre-formed plastic hlls done in the old Belona style, but in heavier plastic.

There is a show report over at the blog on this link.

Phalanx 2018

A nice show from St. Helens (north west UK). An enjoyable show, which had a good mix of games, in particular, there were some good examples of games that would transfer across to the kitchen table with ease.

Of note was the 1066 Hastings game from the Liverpool Wargames Association, which was combining a fun 28mm game with a small table space and in one of their display cabinets they had some lovely 28mm three ranked napoleonic bases, that look equally capable of taking to a small table.

There is a full blogged show report at the below link. LINK -

York 2018

Vapnartak 2018 is held at York racecourse and despite being a big venue, the large numbers that attend, still leave this feeling liked a cramped affair as moving from trader to trader requires negotiation of flows of people.

There were some games there, but this is essentially a trader heavy show, so all kinds of goodies are available - though I didn’t manage to find anyone selling D3’s. I thought there was a lack of the smaller scales at the gaming tables, though these scales were represented adequately by the traders.

There is the usual write up over on the blog at the kink below. Link 

Phoenix 2017

A new show (second year) set in Cumbria (north west UK), we combined a visit to the show with a short break in the beautiful setting of Cumbria.  A fairly small show, but with an interesting selection of traders and display games, the show has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  

There is a detailed show report over on the blog at the below LINK

Phalanx 2017

How quickly this comes around. I really enjoyed the day, the show was good with a diversity of trade in both scale and subject. The show has an excellent Bring 'n Buy and I took the opportunity to have a bit of a clear out and reduce my storage problem, while setting my gaming on a more focussed path.

Purchases were mostly based around current projects which are Hasting 1066, Napoleonic 1809 and improving terrain. I have put a show report over on the blog. LINK

Brit-Con 2016

A four day competition event with two days (the weekend) to include traders and participation games. Located on Campus premises at Manchester (UK), with so many tables set up, this feels like a large show, but from a trade perspective, it is a medium sized show.

There is a very friendly feel to the place, even the bring and buy which tends to heave in some places, feels much more sedate here. I had a smashing day there and bought some goodies to spread trader cheer!

There is a bit of a show report that can be downloaded from my DropBox (thank you DropBox) HERE The file is 872 KB and contains some pictures.

LINK BROKEN - to be fixed

York 2017

Did the Vapnartak (York) 2017 Wargame show today. A wonderful show, plenty of traders and plenty of punters. One of the things that particularly struck me about this show is that it has held on to its diversity of traders for various figure scales and there is plenty of small table gaming going on.

Despite the picture shown here, for my own part, I consolidated my purchases around the 10mm / 12mm scales and improving the terrain on my battlefield - which is this years goal. A fuller report is over on the blog at the below LINK.

Phalanx 2016

St. Helens show in northwest UK. Nice sized show with a very good variety of traders and most of the main traders there. Circumstances have caused me to miss three shows this year, so I was particularly looking forward to this one.

The day certainly caused me to take a new direction in my gaming as I jumped off the fence and more convincingly committed myself to the 28mm scale. I picked up quite a bit of 'bigger' terrain from The Last Valley, plus some nice 28mm MDF buildings. I have put a full report up on the block at the below link, though the photographs suffer from the dreaded sodium lighting used at the venue. LINK

Phalanx 2015

Nice large show in St. Helens (UK) serving the north-west.  This is one of my favourirte shows, I was there early doors and stayed for around four hours. I picked up some pre-orders and allowed myself to be talked into starting some 10mm Sci-Fi.

The standard of games was very good and everyone is happy to stop rolling dice and have a chat about what their game is all about.  One thing I did notice was there is a big proliferation of MDF kits and bases. I have put up a full report with photo support on the blog. Use the below link for direct access. Link to show report -

Alumwell 2015

Alumwell (also known as WMMS - West Midlands Military Show) is a well organised UK show with a nice balance between traders and demo tables.

There is plenty of room and the show generally has a friendly atmosphere.

Report with photographs at the below blog link