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World War Two - Operational

Celles by Revolution Games 

Covering the latter part of the Bulge campaign (December 23rd 1944) this game and allows the players to look at the Celles area of the campaign, dropping players right into the actionfor the final drive to the Meuse, a situation that often is not reached when playing traditional boardgames of the the full campaign (starting on 16th December).

It has a number of interesting mechanisms that come together to nicely represent fighting over a restricted landscape in which the road net is of signifance. Here we see units spending their movement allowance to both move and have combat.

There is a full write up over on the blog that looks at the system and gives an overview of play. This would be a good game to have set up over Christmas for those who like to run a battle over the anniversary dates.


Leningrad by Decision Games.

I have put together an overview of the 2013 reprint of this old SPI classic, that uses the Panzergruppe Guderian system.

It uses my favourite game mechanic ... Unrtied Units, the entire Soviet order of battle are one step counters flipped face down, so that neither side knows their combat strength until the actual moment of combat, when the counters are flipped face up. 

This game has a small footprint, short rules and will play in a single sitting, making it ideal for many gamers with busy lives. For more detail follow this  LINK -