Project status

The Project Status page will be updated monthly and is intended to encourage a gentle discipline that gets things done.  My 2017 goals are to round off my ACW armies, get ACW hex based rules into good shape, get two 1066 armies up and running and generally improve my battlefield terrain. A gentle regime of making sure something gets done every month should make this year more productive than 2016.

March 2017

ACW - Quite a good month for ACW. The Kallistra dismounted Union cavalry blister pack has been primed, painted and based. As with all Kallistra ACW packs, you get 4 plastic bases, which for infantry usually means the 32 figures give you 8 figures per base. However for these troops I wanted a skirmish look and for them to look different from standard line formations, so I have used  another 2 bases to give 6 bases with just 5 figures per base. This also means that the blister gives three dismounted units in total. I have also taken the second half of a blister pack of unpainted confederate infantry (16 figures) from the lead pile, enough to make a two base regiment and they got painted and based. Remaining blisters in the ACW lead pile are 1 x Confederate cavalry (16 figs), 1 x limber, 1 x Confederate artillery (4 guns) and 1 x Union artillery (4 guns).

ACW hex rules - Having completed a Beta version, I felt the result a little disjointed and not intuitive enough. Some streamlining has been done and a couple of new ideas added, in particular adding disorder and linking this to the game clock. These are fun rules rather than a simulation, but I would still like to feel they give a period feel, so I have started reading (and taking notes from) the rather wonderful 'BATTLE in the Civil War' booklet by Paddy Griffith, which gives a close look at battlefield tactics, just to make sure that my rules have not got anything obviously silly in them (see photo insert).

AWI - Blissfully sleeping

Napoleonic 1809 - Blissfully sleeping

1066 - To get this started, I cracked open a blister of Norman heavy infantry (spear) Kallistra 12mm figures. The 32 figures give 4 bases, so two units of 16 figures. Since the bulk of each figure has chainmail, they make for a relatively fast paint, except that painting small shields is not my thing and I kept having to go back into them. So a painting bonus by making a start on this side project. I have 6 other Norman Blister packs in the lead pile.

WWII - Three new 10mm Pendraken vehicle types have been added to my forces. A German Brumbar and the rather wonderful looking Hetzer, plus a couple of Soviet BA-64 armoured cars. The (free) Tigers at Minsk rules had an optional rule added last year to reflect some of the ambush characteristics of the Hetzer, just to bring a bit of flavour at the tactical level. The base on the Hetzer has been extended forward to protect that rather vulnerable fixed gun ...... as I am bound to drop it at some point! (I have put a photo up over on the Painting Table page).

Terrain - Not much on the terrain front. I now have enough Kallistra sloped hexes to give me a ridge line of either 8 or 10 hexes wide for a Hastings representation and I have ordered and received a few more resin items from Battlescale (a Russian cottage, another town house ruin and their rather nice 10mm bridge, which at a 120mm span looks be a very nice and natural fit with my 100mm / 4" Kallistra hex terrain.)

February 2017

ACW - The rewrite of my (free) Two Flags - One Nation hex based rules is going quite well. I am just going through my Eagles at Quatre Bras rules to see whether there is anything there that I want to bring across. At the York Wargame show, I picked up some dismounted 12mm Kallistra Union cavalry to help with the McPhersons Ridge scenario that will be used to illustrate the rules. I want these painted and based quickly just to make the play test games feel nicer.

1066 - This year I want to get two small armies made up (12mm Kallistra) to get a Hastings game going (this was also a 2016 wish!). I have previously had a boardgame published on Hastings and so would perhaps like to see a cut down version of the rules from that working on this table and maybe tempt gamers who have never used figures to have a go. The reduction may not work, but it is what I will primarily aim for. At the York Wargame show, I bought five blisters of 12mm Normans from Kallistra just to get things going and some of their hexed slope pieces, as I will need to provide a long continuous slope to represent Senlac Ridge.

Napoleonic 1809 - Pendraken 10mm French and Austrian army packs were bought a couple of years ago with honest intentions - the project is sleeping.

AWI - The project was meant to start in summer this year, but will likely be squeezed by the 1066 project.

WWII - The (free) Tigers at Minsk tactical rules have information for typical east front 1943 Orders of Battle. I would like to do a module that looks at both east and west front in 1944 and that also does something with the rules to show differences in infantry quality.  This is on a go-slow at present.

Terrain - There will be a determined effort to improve hex based battlefield terrain this year. This has started with resin building purchases from Escenografia Epsilon (supplied pre-painted by Pendraken), Battlescale and Timecast. Kallistra slope hexes are being bought to supplement the generic hill pieces that they sell. The plan also involves gradually replacing my bristle type trees that look like small loo brushes with something that has a softer, more realistic look like those trees that are built up with clump foliage. To this end, I picked up a pack of 8 small trees from the new deluxe range that Simon is doing at S&A Scenics. Very nice. Not that they needed it, but I have sprayed additional scenic cement on them, followed by hair spray, just because I do that with all foliage. When the air brush is next out, I will pass a very light yellow / green over them, just to catch a highlight and create contrast.