World War Two - Tactical

Tigers at Minsk

These are my home brew rules for tactical level WWII games on a hexed table. Units are representing individual rifle sections (including the inherent light machine gun), individual guns, anti-tank guns and vehicles. The ground scale is roughly 100 - 125 metres to the hex.

The passage of time is randomly generated and this can effect game length and events such as the arrival of reinforcements. Importantly, the game has been designed to play on a small hex grid, just 8 wide by 6 deep or a little bigger and with Kallistra 4"hexes, that can all fit onto a large pinboard.

The rules come with 6 scenarios covering mid war actions on the eastern front.

The latest edition (May 2016) have just been made available - they have some very minor tweaks, this post explains all - LINK

Downloads (thank you Dropbox)

Tigers at Minsk: the rules with game charts and scenarios and weapon stats for mid war eastern front

Stalingrad scenarios: two scenarios, one being a nostalgic return to the Guards Counter-attack from basic Squad Leader.

Game markers: a set of markers to print off and mount on card.

2nd Playtest notes of  the Yartzevo campaign module: note this is an 8 meg download.

Yartzevo Defiant - complete campaign game engine for the Tigers at Minsk rules.

Free game - a download with map and counters to play one of the Tigers at Minsk scenarios - useful for people to try the system who may not have the figures or terrain yet.

A playtest report from the Yartzevo campaign. 


AAR - Tigers at Minsk rules used to replay a generic scenario presented in a magazine ... Blow the Bridge. LINK

Heroes of the Pacific.

From Lock 'n Load. A tactical WWII game with individual squads and vehicles and scaled at 40 metres per hex.

This is a series game and there are some quite clever rules to give this module a Pacific feel without adding any real complexity to the system.

There is an AAR with observational notes and further links over on the blog CLICK BELOW.


Blog Article -  Comparing 5 tactical systems - LINK HERE

Blog Article - ASL Starter Kit 1 for beginners - LINK HERE
Blog article - Conflict of Heroes - a look at the armour system, with a focus on the T34/76 and Tiger I LINK HERE 
Blog article - Cross of Iron - looking at the activation system and a T34/76 v Tiger I encounter LINK HERE

Tank on Tank from Lock 'n Load is out in a second edition and has been split into two modules, an east front and a west front version.

The mechanics and components are fully reviewed HERE.

General Scenarios

Urban fighting on a 6 x 6 grid - LINK