Commanders, a wargame digest

Commanders, a wargame digest


1809 Project

Napoleonics - French V Austrian

For my Napoleonic 28mm armies I have been buying plastic and some metals that will allow the building of a French and an Austrian with an initial intention to game some 1809 actions.

I am not firmly set upon a set of rules yet, so will be exploring various systems and basing styles.

While visiting a wargame show, I bought a painting by Chris Gregg, covering the advance of 9th Cuirassiers towards Eckmühl, with jaegers retreating in the background. This has moved me to get on with this project and to include a unit of the 9th.  

Some initial reading

Good old Osprey! These two books arrived today. Between the two of them, they should give me a good feel for the campaign and all of the illustrations and photographs that are typical of Osprey publications, should help with army and scenario building.

Superb on line resource

Someone at The Lead Adventure Forum posted a link to this amazing PDF resource.

The Austrian Imperial-Royal army 1805 to 1809, by Enrico Acerbi, is a 198 page book covering uniform plates, facings and orders-of-battle, together with information on reform and organisation etc.

Pocket Armies

This will be a Pocket Army, so in the first instance each side will get four infantry battalions, a cavalry regiment and an artillery battery.

This will give scope for some tester games and rules exploration. From there, as per other pocket armies, both sides will grow to around twelve to fifteen units.

The Austrian infantry are mainly Victrix, the French, Warlord Games. Cavalry for both sides come from Perry plastic and the artillery is a mix of Perry metal, Front Rank metal and Victrix plastic.

Front runners for rules are (in no particular order) Black Powder, Valour & Fortitude, Empire Bataille, General d’ Armee, Shadow of the Eagles and my own home brew set. That is of course far too many and needs a good shake down.