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Sword & Spear 2nd Ed.

This is an ancients / medieval set from Great Escape Games and I have dragged them down off the shelf to see whether they will be a good fit for my Wars of the Roses Pocket Armies project.

There are some unusual and fun looking mechanisms, which bring a degree of interactive play to the game. They use strictly separate formations, unlike Hail Caesar which has a rule for combining two unit types that worked together, making a large unit.

I am trying to decide to what degree I should allow the archer groups and melee groups to be separate entities and how the contingents would co-operate.

For the 1066 stuff, it becomes a more critical question as the Anglo-Saxon army had Housecarls along the front of their army, giving the Thegns a hardened face (at Hastings), so I need to think of a mechanic that will allow for this sort of thing.


As part of the streamlining of my boardgame collection by going over to series based games, for Ancients, I have selected the new edition of GMT’s SPQR from their well developed and popular Great Battles of History (GBoH) series, together with the expansion rulebook called Simple GBoH, which hopefully will make for easier play.

Material will appear here once I delve into this package.