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This site showcases various aspects of my wargaming interests and compliments my Battlefields and Warriors blog (see below).

In particular, the site specifically supports wargaming with space limitations, so things that fit onto a kitchen / dining table (or smaller) are more likely to appear here. I enjoy both figure and board wargaming, so the posts here and on my blog reflect that. All pictures can be clicked for larger versions.

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To keep a track on updates to this site, returning regularly to the 'Gaming this week' page or using a service such as VisualPing (see the resource section below) can help highlight change of content.

My free files are stored on Dropbox (thank you Dropbox), but if you want to download any of my files and don't want or don't have a Dropbox account, you can simply close the Dropbox invitation window down and click on the download button that is revealed, you will then get the file without having to sign up. Articles are regularly posted to my blog at ... Battlefields and Warriors. 

Wellington - on the suffering from war

“Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained".

Duke of Wellington 1815 after the battle of Waterloo.