This Week


The ‘Attack of Das Kochegschirr’ (6th June ‘44) scenario from Heroes of Normandy, mentioned below, has been played twice now, giving enjoyable games, if not something of a mystery as to how the German force can win.

I shall probably play it again and try to do something more radical to see how that goes. Then it is likey off to the east front to start some scenarios from the Heroes of the Motherland / Dark July packages.

The first replay notes have been blogged over on the Battlefields and warriors site, together with some musings of the system.



Lock ‘n Load tactical has not been on the table since January (The Snipers Den scenario), so as a referesher, the ‘Attack of Das Kochegschirr’ (6th June ‘44) scenario from Heroes of Normandy has just hit the table. It uses maps 14 and 15 as shown above. I have added the three circles and the arrow to show German objectives and their entry point. The map will form the basis of the next next blog post.

This is just me getting ready for what I hope is my next game fest (i.e. big game and / or game left set up for more than a day). Basically I want to do the full map battle from the Dark July supplement (an expansion to Heroes of the Motherland), which represents action from the Kursk campaign 1943.

The Dark July expansion has a full sized map (22" x 34"), but I have the X-Maps expansion, which basically covers the same terrain but does it at double size using two large maps. So bigger hexes and distances that aesthetically at least are fitting with those long guns on the German ‘big cats’. This will fit onto a 4’ x 3’ table and will probably be highlighted in the subsequent blog post.

All the recent ACW stuff has resulted in me doing a rather big edit to my Two Flags - One Nation hex based rules, with some needed steamlining being sorted, but also with changes that take the rules towards my ultimate goal of merging game engines with the napoleonic set (Eagles at Quatre Bras) to give a single Horse and Musket system engine. 

So between Lock ‘n Load and the ACW rewrite, it looks to be a full and busy month.


Continuing the series of games played on the tabletop that are inspired from a situation that occured within just a couple of hexes in a boardgame, this week, I have moved the scenario across to a hexed tabletop.

Using my Two Flags - One Nation rules, the game was interesting in its own right, but raised interesting design aspects.

As usual, there are design notes, observations and an AAR on the blog, together with a link for a download of the scenario.



The fight for Ball’s Ford. 

I got to putting up the table for a 12mm figures game that was based around a local action that my boardgame on 2nd Bull Run (ACW) generated a couple of weeks ago (as outlined below).

Using Black Powder to manage a game with only three brigades in it on a 4’ x 3’ table is interesting of itself, but this scenario, totally generated by the boardgame proved to be really interesting.

All of that woodland slowed movement down and reduced effective fire, so the scenario needed to be streched to 10 turns to get a result and of course, it left me feeling ..... ‘next time I will do this’, which is always a good sign.

For more information, there is an AAR up on the blog LINK


Following on from our 2nd Bull Run boardgame playings, I took a slice of that action in which a couple of Union brigades were trying to force a ford across Bull Run which was defended by a single but competent Confederate brigade.

The boardgame uses brigades, so it took a bit of time to research the formations to take this to a more tactical level and to work out a conflict of whether a leader in the game was still alive at the start of this battle, but I love this aspect of the hobby and I think it ultimately brings you a closer connection with the game being played. 

Having got the orders of battle sorted and understanding the situation and the nature of Bull Run waterway itself, I set about converting the boardgame situation to the tabletop. This was done with a view to using Black Powder and the Glory Hallelujah supplement for the ACW.

Using the lists from Glory Hallelujah, the orders of battle were modified to reflect the lists in terms of weapons used and troop quality etc and when necessary, some of this ‘flavour’ was apportioned randomly with my trusty assistant .... the D6.

I am now waiting for an opportunity to try out the scenario, just to see if it works, but in the meantime, I have blogged a post describing the conversion process and providing a link to the scenario file.



Britannia - Rome’s Invasion of Britain by Warlord Games.

This is a Hail Caesar supplement that covers the Roman forces that invaded these shores, together with information on the various tribes involved. There are three scenarios included that are centred around the Boudican Rebellion. A small but interesting volume that fills plenty of knowledge gaps on my part.

Our face-to-face this week saw a return to 2nd Bull Run (ACW). This time we dispensed with the 1st day, which is a campaign prelude to the battle and went straight for the two day battle. From the get-go Jackson’s Confederates are under considerable Union pressure and the race is on for Longstreet to arrive with his right wing and turn the battle. 

Regardless of the arrival schedule of Longstreet, until his wing is ‘released’, only one of his formations can get involved in combat per turn. For a fair chunk of the battle, this will only happen if the Confederate player rolls a ‘1’ at the start of the turn, though there are some other auto triggers that might bring the release on earlier.  

It gave a really tight game, with the ongoing victory point schedule caused by casualties being neck and neck for the most part. Finally a Confederate win came as the Union could not face any more losses in engaging with the enemy as they reached their Army Break Level.

Picking up on just one of the many interesting moments in the battle, I am going to take that slice of local action and run it as a small figures game, perhaps using the Black Powder rules and Glory Hallelujah supplement.

There is something of a re-think going on with the basing of my 12mm ACW forces. At the moment, these Kallistra figures are based on the Kallistra system, giving 40mm wide by 20mm deep (2 ranks of 4) bases. The total unit frontage of two bases side-by-side is 80mm, which sits handily in my 100mm (4") hexes. 

However, I have split a few bases to try  3 x 30mm frontages (2 ranks of 3), which gives 90mm, so this still fits in the hex and surprisingly just that extra 1cm width gives a more linear look. It also allows the flag unit to be properly in the centre and they look better as a representation when in column for road movement. They sit better amongst awkward terrain, but it creates a 50% increase in the number of bases on the table, so there will be more base movement / management going on.

Re-basing is a tedious matter and it is not the first time for these chaps, so I will just do a few test units and then decide


2nd Bull Run.

This is the second scenario in the Clash of Giants - ACW game. We played this face-to-face and it gave a brilliant, tight situation that kept both players fully engaged.

This is a two day battle (29th - 30th August), but the 28th is also included to give a campaign scenario. Counter density is relatively light, so players just going for the two day battle could complete this in a single session. We went for the three day version, which gives you all the opening moves of the first day.

This slows down play a bit because the movement and combat restrictions of that day meant we had to keep a careful eye on the exclusive rules, however, this is a relatively new battle situation to me and it does help reveal the history and the problems that the commanders had that brought the very character to this battle.

in the Photo, we are in the second day of the campaign. Jackson’s Confederate wing, behind Bull Run, have been taking the brunt of the Union attacks. The Union have just breached the Confederate defences, though taking heavy losses themselves. With the defence unhinged, the Confederates will have to fall back slowly to protect Centreville and just hope that Longstreet’s wing can get into action and take some of the pressure off them.

It is a well crafted scenario and the map is very nice to play over - I can see us coming back to this one soon.