This Week


The big event this week has been attending the Phalanx wargame show (northwest UK). There is a show report over on the blog (see link below).

It was the show at which I took some determined steps to get my storage problems under control, by selling of a load of 28mm stuff and returning a focus to the smaller scales, which best suit my gaming environment and hex based fancies.

I have made some minor tweaks to my Two Flags - One Nation hex based rules. I posted a while ago that I felt the 'disorder' result was not sufficiently integrated into the system. The rules have been changed so that whenever a unit is forced to retreat due to artillery or musket fire, it also takes a 'Disordered for 15 minutes' result. I also took the opportunity to add the tweaks that were showing up as 'red penned' notes on my play copy of the rules.

The full list of changes can be seen on the blog HERE

LINK to the Phalanx Show Report


A small farmyard scenic (above) has been put together (ideal for my Kallistra hex terrain) that will be useful in napoleonic type battles - see the Painting Page for build description.

I have been working on an optional rule for the Tigers at Minsk rules, that will give some conversion notes on putting 15mm figures on the 4" hex battlefield that I use, as an increase in figure scale puts pressure on what can fit into a hex, especially if it already contains terrain such as buildings / woods.

To see and work with the practical problems of up-scaling first hand, I have been buying the single vehicles from both Gale Force nine and the well priced Zvezda (photo insert of Opel Blitz truck kit cost ¬£3.50). I will do an update page in a few weeks, inserting the optional rule on a new page in the rulebook at the end of the current optional rules, so that it can be inserted without having to reprint anything else.

I might use the scale to do the 1940 West Front module that some with 15mm collections have asked for.


The Project Page 

has been updated with

the jobs done in  


Picture opposite - the graphic I am using for my ACW hex based rules.

Red Typhoon has just been recently published by Revolution Games. It originally appeared in the Command Magazine Japan, designed by Shigeru Hirano as the fourth game in the Panzer Korps series. 

It covers the Soviet counter-offensive in front of Moscow in January 1942. The Revolution Games team have tweaked some parts of the design, by adding surprise attack rules and changing the number of Soviet Activation Points at the start of the game.

I have always enjoyed Barbarossa games, this gives me a chance to have a look at what happened next!

I got my copy from Second Chance Games in the UK.


 Beware the Woods - A new scenario has been added to the WWII Tactical Page. A quick fun game, perhaps good for learning. Tiger tanks have been sent in to clear out the woods ...... it has a bad feeling even before it starts!

DropBox download (Thank you DropBox)


The 28mm Saxon Thegns from Gripping Beast. These are the armoured warriors, the elite, the land owners, trained in a martial way that can sit in my 1066 Anglo-Saxon line-up as the front line Housecarl / Thegn troops. They are a mix of spear / sword and axe armed troops and they look like they will make up into nicely animated figures.

As part of a deal, I also picked up their dark age archers and dark age warriors. The archers are rather limited with only three poses on ten sprues, but they look like they will mix well with my Conquest Games (plastic) archers to add a bit of diversity and that both sides will be able to use them.

Likewise, the dark age warriors look like they will be useful for a bit of kit bashing with Conquest Games' foot, as the Conquest box alone don't feel like they provide enough spear to represent the Norman spear armed heavy infantry and the Gripping Beast box looks like there may be a few arms with spear attached going spare. Either way, the plastic 28mm offerings from both Conquest Games and Gripping Beast taken together, look like they will be enough to provide the bulk of my 1066 28mm Hasting armies.